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    Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    The Henries 2016: Part 2

    Yesterday, the first part of the 2016 Henries delved into the stars who won and lost the most so far this year. Today, the second part is all about the moments both great and weird. Let's hop right to it!


    OMG Moment of the Midyear

    To be fair, 2016 is one hell of a year for wrestling. There's really no shortage of big OMG moments, and if we could award it to all of them, we would. In six months of huge pro wrestling happenings, one stands out above the crowd.

    To be fair, this could have been anything. It could have been AJ Styles debuting at the Royal Rumble back in January, it could have been Shinsuke Nakamura making it to the WWE, it could have been Matanza's big, dominant debut. But the award has to go to Dean Ambrose finally winning his first WWE Championship reign after a long year of chasing it.

    By finally making all three former members of the Shield into world champions (which we'll also revisit in a while) WWE has shown that whether it was forced to or it was really planning to, it's ushering in its next generation by elevating all three of its biggest stars to their top spot. In a company whose biggest problem is its relative lack of new stars, this is a true OMG moment, indeed.


    WTF Moment of the Midyear

    Nope, it's not Vince making his son SmackDown commissioner, but rather him keeping Shane around when he promised he'd kick him out and disown him if he lost to the Undertaker at WrestleMania. Now we've just kind of accepted the fact that the Mania match was meaningless. Good thing we love Shane.


    Story of the Midyear

    Full disclosure: the Smark Henry editorial team voted for this storyline long before Roman Reigns got himself suspended. We wanted to replace it with the Final Deletion, but you'd think we were biased—and it wouldn't have made the midyear cut anyway.

    So instead, we'll give a quick eulogy for what was supposed to be a huge, monumental feud heading into Battleground and possibly SummerSlam. We should have gotten this at WrestleMania, and the fact that we were still okay to have it for Battleground sort of proves how amazing this story would have been. It's the angle we all wanted ever since Seth broke the Shield up, and it would have been the Rock/Stone Cold/Triple H of our time. Now all we have is Seth and Dean going at it, which is great, but Roman's inclusion in the title match became pointless.

    Maybe Roman's suspension was a good thing—it means we still might get the ideal Shield warfare story for WrestleMania season, where it belongs.


    Show of the Midyear

    Did you expect any less?

    Wrestle Kingdom 10 was a pretty close call, but NXT Takeover: Dallas was stronger thanks to the shorter timeframe they had to work with, and it might have been the closest thing to a dream WWE card we could have gotten from NXT. Balor/Joe, Asuka/Bayley, The Revival/American Alpha, Aries/Corbin and the unofficial main event of Nakamura/Zayn made for a card that had arguably zero tapon. It's the best two-and-a-half hours of wrestling we've gotten so far this year.


    The third part of the Henries comes tomorrow: all the big "of the Midyear" awards coming! Don't miss it!
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