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    Wednesday, July 6, 2016

    The Grapevine (7/6/16): Who's Not Coming Back

    Good morning, and this is your daily Grapevine! This section of Smark Henry is where we round up all the founded and unfounded rumors abound the pro wrestling scene that you may have missed over the evening.

    Time to squash some rumors:

    • WWE has not contacted Kurt Angle or Rey Mysterio. Despite rumors of WWE being in talks to bring back big former stars for the Draft, neither of them had been contacted. Apparently, WWE is squeamish about signing stars who have even the smallest inkling of causing some controversy for the company, especially after the separate incidents surrounding Roman Reigns, Adam Rose, Jerry Lawler, and to a smaller extent, Paige and Alberto del Rio. It might very well be a swerve, but it's not something to be counted on. What is apparently true, however, is the fact that they are in talks with a number of former stars to return.

      Who they are looking for, however, are indy talents and Lucha Underground stars who are able to get out of their contract. It's reported that WWE is looking for talent that is "coachable" right now. (Source: WON)

    We say: That's a shame, as clamor for a Kurt Angle return to WWE is at an all-time high right now. But maybe it is best for business that both stay away from one another. Also, we're putting it out here: SIGN KING CUERNO.

    • On that note, Jimmy Yang was backstage at RAW to meet with Vince McMahon. The reason for their meeting was not revealed, although Jimmy did post about it on Facebook. He teased fans on whether he was coming back as Jimmy Wang Yang or his first gimmick, Akio. 

    We say: Well, since he's not in the Cruiserweight Classic, then perhaps he's either signing on for the brand split, or as a Performance Center coach? (We just internally laughed at the thought of JWY and Tajiri facing each other at the Cruiserweight Classic.)

    • Nike is suing WWE for trademark infringement. This is over the Rock's "Just Bring It" catchphrase, which WWE filed a trademark for merch they'll be selling with the slogan. Nike is claiming that "Just Bring It" is too confusingly similar to their iconic slogan "Just Do It." (Source: WrestlingInc)

    We say: While it can be argued that for non-wrestling fans, "Just Bring It" could be mistaken for something Nike would put out, only an idiot who lives under a rock (no pun intended) would make that mistake. Dwayne has been using his catchphrase for, what, upwards of 15 years? It's similar, but not stupidly similar.

    Let us know what you think in the comments!

    Photo from Top Rope Press
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