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    Saturday, July 16, 2016

    SmackDown RunDown (7/14/16): The Last RunDown?

    We’re going live! Welcome to the final edition of SmackDown RunDown with your fashionably late host Ricky. I just want to take this time to thank all of you wrestling fanatics who tune in week after week for my two cents about WWE’s almighty B-show. As a final thank you, I am honored to provide you with a review of the final Thursday edition of SmackDown. It’s been an awesome few months writing for you guys. So, what are we waiting for? For possibly the last time, I’m going to say this: Let’s get down to it!

    The Last Tag Match on Thursday Nights

    WWE Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens headlined this week’s episode but after a quick interference by Seth Rollins and an eventual run-in by Sami Zayn, the main event was converted into a tag team match just like old times.

    As you can expect, the match was fast-paced and thankfully, it didn’t end with a questionable finish with Rollins leveling Zayn with a Pedigree to grab the victory for his team. This was actually a fun match to close out the show, with Rollins gaining momentum towards their WWE Championship match next Monday without making Ambrose look weak in the process. It was also nice to end the Thursday night era with the WWE Champion standing tall.

    Ricky’s Pick: Between these four men, I actually want Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to tear it up on SmackDown. The whole Shield Triple Threat rivalry can take place on RAW.

    Some Blue Brand Blues

    • AJ Styles and Karl Anderson picked up a win against the Realest Guys in the Room, Enzo and Cass. I’m curious why they didn’t go with Gallows-Anderson since Styles already has a victory against Enzo in a singles bout, but why the hell am I complaining? AJ Styles is in action and I love it. I just think they could’ve given some momentum to the certified G’s. Enzo and Cass need to look strong, even without Cena.

    Ricky’s Pick: The 15-year-old mark living inside my heart will always pick AJ Styles for SmackDown, and with John Cena looking to headline the Blue Brand, the chance of having Styles on board just became a guarantee.

    • The newly-crowned contender for the Intercontinental Championship stepped up to The Miz in this week’s edition of MizTV. Man, you’d think this Darren Young gimmick would get lost in the midcard shuffle, but by the looks of it, they are actually making Darren Young great again. Going face-to-face with Mike and making the champ retreat was a good first step for Darren Young’s rejuvenated career. I wonder if they would go all in and actually hand him the belt at Battleground?

    Ricky’s Pick: If all champions won’t float between both brands and Ambrose will stay on RAW, Miz will surely be drafted to SmackDown. Sounds good to me. Let’s see the Miz elevate the White Gold.

    • Sasha Banks made Dana Brooke tap for the second time this week in this week’s opening match. After the match, Charlotte blindsided Sasha and sent her to the announcers’ table. I really feel like the Charlotte-Sasha rivalry should have been bigger than what it is today. They really missed the chance to evolve Charlotte into a greater evil that every women in the locker room aspires to beat. Instead, she’s a glorified pet owner. But that’s just me.

    Ricky’s Pick: Charlotte should stay on SmackDown while Sasha Banks should go to RAW. Sasha can fire up Monday nights while Charlotte will elevate women's wrestling on Tuesday nights.

    • It’s a good week to be a jobber as Ziggler actually pinned the U.S. Champion Rusev in a one-on-one match and Kalisto defeated Tyler Breeze with a beautiful Salida del Sol. I repeat: Ziggler pinned Rusev. Ziggler pinned a champion. Hermergerd. Zack Ryder may have distracted Rusev a bit, but still. Good for you, Ziggie.

    Ricky’s Pick: I’ll have Ziggler stay on SmackDown and RAW can have both Rusev and Ryder. Ziggler can help provide the Blue Brand with some grade-A wrestling while Ryder can continue flourishing on RAW.

    SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: This week’s episode wasn’t the best show to end the Thursday night era of the Blue Brand, but I’m just glad it didn’t end on a bad note. The landscape of the WWE will definitely change in the coming weeks. Rest assured, after next week’s massive Draft, SmackDown will never be the same again. For the last time, I humbly give this week’s episode a solid B.

    Did you enjoy this week’s SmackDown? What’s your favorite SmackDown RunDown moment, if there are any? Please let me know down at the comments. Thank you so much, you guys. Next week, SmackDown is LIVE.

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