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    Thursday, July 28, 2016

    PWR Live: The ShawDown Preview - SANDATA vs. Classical Bryan Leo

    PWR Live: The ShawDown not only brings with it a new venue, it brings fresh faces and matchups as well. As announced last week on the official Philippine Wrestling Revolution Facebook page, newly-dethroned PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo looks set to get back on track as he faces the Southern enigma, SANDATA, in what is set to be a first-time meeting between the two.

    Tale of the Tape

    "Classical" Bryan Leo

    Height: Unknown
    Weight: Unknown
    Hometown: A First World Country
    Championships & accomplishments: PWR Champion (2x)
    Win-loss record: 10-5
    Streak: One-match losing streak
    Finishing moves: The Royal Flushdown (Belly-to-back hanging facebuster), numerous submission holds

    "Classical" Bryan Leo is the true wrestler's wrestler. He may not be flashy or flamboyant in the ring, and you'll probably never see him whip out an imploding 450 or a triple-jump moonsault, but he will mesmerize you with his world-class submission game. It's almost hypnotic watching Leo slowly dismantle an opponent body part by body part; he knows hundreds of different ways to stretch out every tendon, ligament, and muscle in the human body to their breaking points until an opponent has no choice but to tap to one of his varied submission holds.

    But that doesn't mean the Classical One is nothing more than a prissy catch wrestling purist. He's a master of the angles too, knowing  the precise physics for every single one of his slams and Kokeshi diving headbutts. He can pulverize his opponent's bones, before summoning up his deceptive strength to muscle them up into his patented hanging belly-to-back facebuster called the Royal Flushdown—a devastating move that's carried him to great heights in PWR.

    "Classical" Bryan Leo is the epitome of the First World Man, and is the Philippines' answer to the Kurt Angles and Zack Sabre Jr's of the world. 

    "The Pinoy Tecnico" SANDATA

    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Hometown: The Deep South
    Championships & accomplishments: None
    Win-loss record: 2-9
    Streak: Two-match losing streak
    Finishing moves: Garrote (mounted Cobra Clutch), Ankle Lock

    The mysterious masked man may not dazzle with his overall win-loss record, but let's not forget that a bulk of that came during his ill-fated run with the volatile Peter Versoza in the defunct Dual Shock tag team. As a singles competitor, he's proven to be more than competent in holding his own against any class of opponent. Just ask Joey Bax, who's tapped out to the Pinoy Tecnico's famed ankle lock on more than one occasion.

    And what an all-around talent SANDATA is blooming into; the dude nearly survived to the very end of Wrevolution X's 8-wrestler PHX Gauntlet, unveiling a wicked new Busaiku Kick to dispatch Trabajador Uno, and generating a full-house chant of "Holy shit! Holy shit!" with the first top-rope huracanrana in Philippine history onto the up-and-coming Chino Guinto.

    He may call himself PWR's Huling Mandirigma, but don't think this is going to be his last stand. We have a feeling the best of SANDATA is still to come. 

    Overall edge: SANDATA may be brimming with potential, but Bryan Leo is the real deal today. Nobody else in PWR history has achieved his body of work, and he's hungry to redeem his championship loss the last time out. Slight advantage: Leo. 

    The History

    Honestly, there's not much direct history between the two. As we said, this is a first-time meeting, so it's not as if these guys have been beating the crap out of each other the past few months. We'd be remiss though if we didn't talk about the one guy linking these two wrestlers together—the Royal Flush's Jack of All Babes, Peter Versoza.

    The SANDATA-Versoza connection in happier days. 

    Versoza initially started out as SANDATA's tag team partner in Dual Shock, but the two failed to pick up any form of traction together. This led to Versoza taking out his frustrations on the Pinoy Tecnico, leading to several matches between the two. Not too long after, he joined the Royal Flush, occupying the Jack position that John Sebastian vacated after his promotion to ace.

    So while "Classical" Bryan Leo and SANDATA have never really interacted that much, trust us when we say that the former PWR Champion will have done his homework. He's got a gold mine of information thanks to Peter Versoza, and as such, expect him to know everything there is to know about SANDATA heading into this match.

    Overall edge: "Classical" Bryan Leo

    Our Analysis & Prediction

    On paper, this seems like a walk in the park for "Classical" Bryan Leo. He's on a skill level way above most of the PWR roster, and he's got the tactical advantage here thanks to Peter Versoza.

    Fortunately, things aren't decided on paper, and thus we cannot count SANDATA out. If he wants to succeed and pull off the upset, he needs to keep Bryan Leo on his toes. At Wrevolution X, he showed that he can come up with new and innovative offense. That's exactly what the masked warrior needs to repeat against the former PWR Champion. If "Classical" Bryan Leo thinks he has an answer to every move, then SANDATA needs to change the questions.

    Still, though, Bryan Leo is a two-time PWR Champion for a reason. He's fought with the very best PWR has to offer, and has managed to come on top most of the time. He also just lost the PWR Championship, so expect him to take his frustrations out on SANDATA and reassert his position as one of PWR's elite competitors. A win here would line him up quite nicely for a PWR Championship rematch, should he wish to go for it right away.

    Smark Henry prediction: "Classical" Bryan Leo


    These two may not be new faces, but they're definitely going to put on a new and exciting matchup for everyone this Saturday. Will "Classical" Bryan Leo get things back on track with a win? Or will his misfortunes continue when SANDATA pulls off the upset? Let us know who you're rooting for in the comments section below!


    PWR Live: The ShawDown is happening on Saturday, July 30, at the 500 Shaw Zentrum Events Pavilion. Tickets cost Php 400 and can be availed in a number of ways. For more information, stay tuned to the official Facebook event page.

    For the latest news and updates on Philippine wrestling, don't forget to like PWR on Facebook, or visit their official site.

    All photos are by "The Phenomenal" Hub Pacheco.
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