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    Wednesday, June 29, 2016

    What's Next For Baron Geisler?

    Here's an interesting piece of trivia: Did you know that in the past couple of months, more Filipinos have Googled Baron Geisler than they have Piolo Pascual? It's true. After Mr. Geisler's highly-publicized barroom encounter with fellow entertainer Kiko Matos that culminated in a mixed martial arts fight last weekend, it's safe to say no other showbiz personality has lit a powder keg for his career in recent memory better than he has.

    Photo by Alecs Ongcal (Rappler)
    For all the battery his reputation has taken in the past few months, the one obvious fact is that the man is a born showman, with the natural electricity and charisma of a pro wrestling villain.

    Yes, Baron, we're hella entertained.

    So what's next for the 21st century bad boy? Pictures leaked online recently of the dude hanging out backstage with some of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's finest talents at a taping for the TV5 variety show HAPPinas, Happy Hour airing this Friday.

    Chris Panzer, Ralph Imabayashi, "Classical" Bryan Leo, and Bombay Suarez striking a pose with the man of the hour.
    But this wasn't just a case of a group of wrestlers fanboying over a celebrity—other leaked photos show two-time PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo showing off some of his deadly mat submission skills to an interested Geisler.

    And if that wasn't enough, Geisler's official Twitter account has gone on a following spree of various members of both PWR and the local wrestling media.

    Hot off the heels of TV host KC Montero throwing his hat in with PWR for last month's Wrevolution X, we know anything can happen in the local wrestling scene. We all remember how Montero made a one-night-only appearance as an ally for the Royal Flush's John Sebastian; could you imagine Geisler freelancing as "The Wild Card" for the same crew to dish out more headlocks and some filthy ground-and-pound?

    Of course, this is all just idle speculation at the moment, but could Baron Geisler's recent interest in PWR's talents lead to something bigger in the future?

    First things first, tune in to HAPPinas, Happy Hour this Friday on TV5 at nine in the evening to find out how things went down in his first encounter with the PWR roster. And let us know in the comments section if you'd love to see him working with the likes of "Classical" Bryan Leo, PWR Champion Jake De Leon, or even the Network in the future.

    Because, really, who wouldn't love to see him rocking those infamous pekpek shorts in the ring?

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