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    Thursday, June 2, 2016

    #ThrowbackThursday (6/2/16): Happy Birthday, Lex Luger!

    When conversation comes up about the true legends of pro wrestling, one name that doesn't frequently come up is that of Lex Luger—pretty surprising, considering his status as a three-time World Champion in WCW, and how inextricably his career has been entwined with those of such legendary WCW alumni as Sting, Ric Flair, or the Steiner Brothers.

    It also happens to be his birthday today, June 2nd.

    So while people may choose to gloss over him as a life-long underachiever, an overrated meathead, the face of the failed World Bodybuilding Federation, or the man who aided the beloved Miss Elizabeth in her downward spiral into drugs and alcohol, we thought it would only be fair to remember a few iconic moments in the career of the man known as "The Total Package" on this, his natal day.

    For all his rep as a "body guy" who cared more about aesthetics than ring mechanics, it's impossible to deny he could hold up his end with the right partners, such as in this tag team match with Sting against the Steiner Brothers at the inaugural SuperBrawl—a match widely hailed as one of the greatest tag matches of modern North American wrestling.

    And who could forget his must-see coming out party against then-WCW World Champion Ric Flair at Great American Bash 1988, when the up-and-coming stud took the more seasoned Nature Boy to the limit, before a screwy injury call while he had the champion in his patented Torture Rack derailed his first shot at a World Championship?

    And if you were a WWF fan in the 90s, you certainly marked out big time when he debuted his "Made in America" persona to answer the 568-pound Yokozuna's Body Slam Challenge, becoming the first man to prove the massive Samoan WWF Champion wasn't quite as invincible as he thought.

    He's also the man who made the Torture Rack famous, a finisher so criminally under-appreciated in today's modern wrestling era despite being one of the few submission holds to have forced "Macho Man" Randy Savage to quit.

    Happy birthday, Lex Luger. You never reached the heights everybody thought you would, but you were a star of your own kind.

    Do you have any fond memories of the "Total Package"? Let us know in the comments below!
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