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    Friday, June 17, 2016

    Basic Smarkometrics (6/17/16): The Post-Wrevolution X PWR Power Rankings

    One of the foggiest questions behind professional wrestling lies in how a "best" wrestler can be named. Ric Flair used to call himself "The Man" while in his prime, while CM Punk famously described himself as "Best in the World." But when we get down to brass tacks, these are arguably just opinions or self-promotion, plain and simple.

    So how do you identify who the best wrestler is at any point in time? This is the question we're trying to address for the Philippine Wrestling Revolution with our proprietary Smarkometrics 2.0 model, which looks beyond wins and losses, and tries to put some science to the local debate.

    Just to get this out of the way, here's how the win-loss records of all active PWR talents stack up after the events of last May's Wrevolution X.

    But we want to make a deeper case beyond these basic level stats, following the model the WWE itself employs, which says:
    WWE.com, in conjunction with the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences (AWAS), ranks the Top 25 Superstars in WWE each week with Power Rankings. The rankings are based on victories, quality of opponents, momentum and overall in-ring dominance, as well as intangibles.
    So just to refresh everyone, here are the nuts and bolts behind the actual model.


    The Science of Smarkometrics 2.0

    We want to know who's been performing well in the near-term, so these rankings cover results only from the past five PWR shows:

    Four main criteria go into our assessment of each wrestler, which will then define where they fall in our rankings.

    • Panalo Factor. What's the absolute win-loss record of each wrestler? This covers every official match he or she participated in, whether a one-on-one, tag, Triple Threat, or battle royal. Take note: Non-canon matches like inter-promotional matches, pre-show contests, and house shows don't count towards the numbers.
    • Puso Factor. Why reward a wrestler who only fights weak competition? We've taken the composite win-loss records of every opponent each talent has faced, and aggregated them into one number. A number above .500 means a wrestler has consistently been matched up against above-average competition, while a number below it means below-par competition.
    • Pasok Factor. You can't be the best if you don't show up for work. That's why we're counting what percentage of shows each wrestler competed in. Pulling double-duty helps your score, obviously, while taking days off chops down your performance here.
    • Puri Factor. Championships count, so we're giving a bit of extra credit for championship wins and successful defenses. We've had six title matches over the past five shows, so we've divided one whole point by six, and awarded .133 points for every victory in a championship match.

    And with that, let's get into the rankings per se. Again, all numbers below only consider results from the past five shows.


    10. Miguel Rosales (1-0, 1-Match Winning Streak)

    Panalo: 1.000
    Puso: 0.500
    Pasok: 0.200
    Puri: N/A
    Total: 1.700

    A lot of fans were looking forward to seeing Miguel Rosales' face back in a wrestling ring, and oh what it face it was. PWR's new resident Punisher impressed us with his highest-profile singles win to date against former PHX Champion Ken Warren, sending the "Social Media Sinister" on a one-way trip to Barangay Suplex, while rising nine huge spots in our power rankings.

    Could big things be popping in the singles division for the long-time tag team specialist? Time will tell, but for now, he's done enough to squeak into our top ten.

    9. Ken Warren (2-3, 3-Match Losing Streak)

    Panalo: 0.400
    Puso: 0.432
    Pasok: 1.000
    Puri: N/A
    Total: 1.832

    Could Ken Warren's career have peaked? Dropping five spots in a total tailspin is the smack-talking former kingpin of the Philippine Hybrid X division. Ever since losing his prized gold at last March's PWR Live: Manila Madness, Warren is winless, and is on the second three-match losing streak of his career.

    It feels like ages ago that he was on top of the world with a record five-match undefeated run. Perhaps some humility is what the self-proclaimed "OG of IG" needs to turn his career around.

    8. Ralph Imabayashi (1-4, 4-Match Losing Streak)

    Panalo: 0.200
    Puso: 0.581
    Pasok: 1.000
    Puri: 0.167
    Total: 1.947

    The fiery former PWR Champion dives a whopping six spots in this month's power rankings. Once upon a time, it looked like the Age of Imabayashi was upon us with his surprising run to the top of PWR, including his scintillating championship win against "Classical" Bryan Leo followed by a gritty defense against the terrifying Apocalypse.

    His current string of four losses marks the first time in the Pocket Rocket's career that he's been below .500. If anyone is due for a turnaround, it's him.

    7. Peter Versoza (3-1, 3-Match Winning Streak)

    Panalo: 0.750
    Puso: 0.456
    Pasok: 0.800
    Puri: N/A
    Total: 2.006

    If there was an awardee for Best in Career Advancement, it's got to be the hard-partying Peter Versoza. With his impressive upset of Bombay Suarez in his last match, P to the V remains undefeated as the Royal Flush's Jack of All Babes. Detractors may call him all sizzle with no steak, but make no mistake about it: he's the real deal with the most dazzling offensive repertoire in PWR today.

    Will we be seeing him unveil his fabled 450 Splash soon? Future opponents better hope not, because he's just as dangerous without it.

    6. Bombay Suarez (2-3, 2-Match Losing Streak)

    Panalo: 0.400
    Puso: 0.446
    Pasok: 1.000
    Puri: 0.167
    Total: 2.012

    Bombay loses a spot as he falls completely out of the top five once more. Despite his credentials as the only double champion in PWR's history, one interesting fact stands out: Suarez hasn't won consecutive matches since February 2015. We're pretty sure we haven't seen the end of his personal vendetta against Peter Versoza, and he's still got to be pretty steamed after getting stripped of the Malaysia Pro Wrestling Extreme Rules Championship.

    There's nothing scarier than a pissed-off Bombay Suarez. Don't expect this slump to continue.

    5. "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon (2-3, 1-Match Winning Streak)

    Panalo: 0.400
    Puso: 0.546
    Pasok: 1.000
    Puri: 0.167
    Total: 2.113

    Rising one spot to number five is the brand-new PWR Champion Jake De Leon, who finally wrote a happy ending to his epic year-long quest to regain the grandest prize in local wrestling. We'll be the first to admit it feels weird slotting him in this low, but up until his big win last month, the Senyorito had been having an erratic 2016, thanks to his friendship turned sour with Ralph Imabayashi.

    JDL is a real wrestler's wrestler and the ultimate company workhorse. Now that he's reclaimed the strap he believes he never should have lost, expect the husky haciendero to rise to the top of these rankings soon. 

    4. Rederick Mahaba (3-2, 3-Match Winning Streak)

    Panalo: 0.600
    Puso: 0.581
    Pasok: 1.000
    Puri: N/A
    Total: 2.181

    Rederick Mahaba surges nine massive spots up to number four, and we'll be the first to confess shock over how the Intimate Warrior has blossomed into a legitimate competitor in such a short period of time. With his feud with the Network coming to a satisfying close at Wrevolution X, it could be time to set his sights higher; a chase for the PHX Championship, perhaps?

    After all, let's not forget that it was Main Maxx who humiliated Mahaba in his PWR debut. Rederick remembers, and we wouldn't mind a war between the two behemoths. 

    3. John Sebastian (4-0, 4-Match Winning Streak)

    Panalo: 1.000
    Puso: 0.438
    Pasok: 0.800
    Puri: N/A
    Total: 2.238

    Climbing four steps up the ladder is John Sebastian—the man who cost former PWR General Manager Mr. Sy his job, and the only wrestler with more than one match in 2016 to have gone undefeated this year. He's an infuriating jerk, but he's a true warrior. We've still got our money on the Royal Flush Ace-hole to be a star for a long time to come.

    He did tell us so, you know. 

    2. "Classical" Bryan Leo (4-1, 1-Match Losing Streak)

    Panalo: 0.800
    Puso: 0.482
    Pasok: 1.000
    Puri: 0.167
    Total: 2.449

    The deposed PWR Champion slides down to number two after his heartbreaking loss, a defeat which cost the Classical One the chance to be the first man in PWR history to run up two separate five-match winning streaks. Don't bet against Leo to lie low though; he hasn't lost back-to-back matches in a year-and-a-half. Expect the finest technical wrestler in the country to bounce back in a big way.

    Jake De Leon had better be watching his back; Bryan Leo lives and breathes to be champion, and will not rest until he's back on top of the mountain. 

    1. Main Maxx (4-1, 3-Match Winning Streak)

    Panalo: 0.800
    Puso: 0.485
    Pasok: 1.000
    Puri: 0.333
    Total: 2.618

    Big, mean, and deadly—that's Main Maxx, and for the first time ever, Ilocos Norte's Big Rocket soars to the top of the PWR rankings with another successful defense of his PHX Championship after being ranked third last time out. It isn't just lip service when people bill him as being "built like a heavyweight, moves like a cruiserweight." You won't find a more impressive package of size, agility, and savvy anywhere else in PWR. Main Maxx really is just that good.

    Here's food for thought: the Royal Flush is at its best when it's strutting around with gold, and for the meantime, Maxx is the only beltholder in the stable. Odds are on the Flush to rally even more tightly around their dominant Perfect 10 to protect the last remaining trophy in their claws. Whoever steps up as his next challenger is in for a fight.


    The Best of the Rest

    To see how the rest of the roster stacks up, here's a single handy-dandy chart capturing all 24 active wrestlers in the Philippine Wrestling Revolution today. We may have a clear top ten, but the Apocalypse, SANDATA, James "Idol" Martinez, and Chris Panzer are hot on their heels. 

    This is the first time though we've such a logjam of futility in PWR's ranks—Vintendo, Yohann "#YOLO" Ollores, Crystal, and Los Trabajadores all remain winless in their careers, and should be getting hungrier for a victory by the day. Keep your eyes peeled, folks.


    That's it for this month's edition of the PWR Power Rankings. How shocked are you over Main Maxx's slow but steady ascent to the top of the roster? Will Jake De Leon be the man to rip him from his lofty standing, or will the big man rule the roost for the foreseeable future? And what do you think is next for the struggling Ken Warren, Ralph Imabayashi, and Bombay Suarez? Let us know in the comments below! 

    Stay smarky, Revo-Nation!


    Mark De Joya (@MDJSuperstaris an advertising professional and brand strategist by day, but dreams of being the Vince McMahon of the Philippines by night. He writes anything to do with numbers for Smark Henry: People Power (our weekly fan survey), Best For Business (our regular financial report), and Basic Smarkometrics (our PWR Power Rankings). With 18" arms and a 355-pound squat, he is also the official bouncer of the Smark Henry offices.

    All photos are by the talented and stunning Hub Pacheco.
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