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    Monday, June 13, 2016

    #MustWatchMonday (6/13/16): Zack Ryder vs. Alberto del Rio, WWE Main Event

    Oftentimes, people like to scour the depths of the non-deep web for good but obscure indy wrestling matches. Some of them believe that the best wrestling on Earth isn't exactly televised, or at least televised where we can easily catch it, and to a certain extent, they're right. Sometimes, no matter how good a Takeover or WrestleMania match is, there's something better over in the unintelligible reaches of Japan, the gritty halls of the UK, or the basketball gyms and armories in small-town America.

    But sometimes, you can find some really, really good wrestling under the WWE banner if you look hard enough. For example, a lot of people dismiss the third-tier shows Main Event and Superstars as places where jobbers and "Creative-doesn't-know-what-to-do-with-you" types reign supreme, but they don't know that wrestlers are given much more freedom to actually wrestle there than they would on RAW, or even SmackDown.

    Take, for example, Zack Ryder vs. Alberto del Rio from a couple of episodes ago.

    If this happened on RAW, you know it would be an instant squash. If this happened on SmackDown, you know it would still end in Ryder losing, but it would be a slightly longer TV match. But because it happened on Main Event, thanks to the combined talent of these two men it became something that wouldn't look out of place on a PPV undercard.

    Simply put, whether it's because they wanted to reward Ryder's all-out efforts or because the higher-up del Rio just wanted to have a really good match with him, the Long Island Iced Z looks every bit like the Intercontinental Champion he became a few months ago. Del Rio throws everything at Ryder—including a particularly nasty-looking backstabber that ended up hitting the back of Ryder's neck—but Wrestling Bradley Cooper had an answer for everything. Yes, he still loses, but in this one he came off more like a savvy veteran than a perennial underdog, and I daresay this is the Zack Ryder fans would rather like to see.

    I see matches like this and wonder why Ryder never got that rematch program with the Miz on PPV. Or even why he's not fighting a losing effort against United States Champion Rusev. He's one hell of a loyal employee.

    Photo from WWE
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