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    Thursday, June 2, 2016

    Mayhem Brannigan: Breaking His Silence

    One of the biggest mysteries among long-time fans of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution has been the whereabouts of Mayhem Brannigan. Once upon a time, he was one of the most popular talents in local wrestling. But ever since getting knocked out of action with a dislocated shoulder and a broken nose after earning his place nine months ago in the inaugural PHX Championship Finals, it seems like PWR's Righteous One vanished completely off the planet—not even meriting an appearance on the official roster page of the promotion.

    Frankly, it was sad. First generation fans will always remember the Masked Marauder as the architect behind one of PWR's most iconic moments—the infamous second floor dive from the old Makati Square Arena.

    After months of sporadic (but often cryptic) status updates on his official Facebook page, Mayhem finally spoke up to address his career plans, and where he stands as far as PWR is concerned.

    Brace yourselves, Revo-Nation.

    It’s been a while my friends. 
    It’s been a while because I wanted this to be something i’d be able to do justice to. In a way that i’d be able to get the message to you guys without stepping on the sport, the business, the art that is professional wrestling for my own gain. We see enough of that these days all around the world. So sorry, no CM Punk or Cody Rhodes type stuff here.
    A lot of you don’t know a lot about me due to pro wrestling’s nature and me just really being a reserved person, but all of that is going to change. Starting tonight. 
    I’m not gonna bore you with the story of me being 4 watching Stone Cold Steve Austin beat the lights out of Triple H and how the thoughts of me one day being able to throw my own vest on and raise hell would keep me up at night. We all have that story. We are all dreamers. But one day, I was blessed enough to join a humble group of young men and women build towards that mutual dream, that burning passion from absolutely nothing, possibly even less than nothing. 
    On that road, as we built brick by brick, we became family. I’ve seen blood, sweat and tears as I shed my own. I’ve met all types of people, i’ve seen many come and go. I’ve seen the sweet turn sour and i’ve seen the bright get lost in the darkness trying to find the light to shine the brightest. 
    The road was very steep but I will save those stories for another time. 
    Despite all the odds stacked up against us, plus outside interference and the ever lingering factor of utter failure waiting around the corner that came with the risk being taken investing one’s entire being just to get the company going, I stuck around. I stuck around because I am a person of vision. Be it business, art, sport, whatever. I think forward, I see potential and how it can be blown into the skies and change people’s lives. 
    That’s what I wanted to do. Not as an individual but with pro wrestling in it’s entirety. 
    Now don’t get me wrong, I was in no position to direct anything really but I knew, if I could reach out to the right outlets and if even just a few pieces of my vision were to come to fruition that ground would definitely be broken. And guess what? I was given a chance. Like I said, I won’t throw shade or throw anyone under the bus, that’s cheap to me but, most if not all i’ve contributed (once again not only for myself, but for the business itself) has been met positively. 
    Eventually though, a time came where the business, art, sport and entertainment aspects clashed to the point that there was no more space for me, my mind or my passion… 
    I am a man of vision and my vision was blurred by the noise. A break that was meant to add depth to the entertainment extended to an indefinite leave. 
    I am a man of passion and sometimes passion driven by love and intensity leads to what you love being smothered. That is the last thing I wanted to do to something i’ve seen so many work hard for. To something I would have given my own life up for. 
    So I took a step back. Watching from a distance. Knowing that as soon as i’ve healed up completely, I would be able to go back to what I love. But it wouldn’t be right.. 
    I’d like to thank everyone who has ever believed in me. I see each and every one of you as my family for all of you believed in me when no one else was supposed to. When you were all sold someone else to believe in, you still chose me. And even in the darkness of my absence, several of you still chose to believe. 
    I’d like to thank every single person who held on to hope of me walking thru those curtains again. Despite me being completely gone for almost 9 months, filling my inbox with fan art and sweet messages. The constant likes that flow in and the comments that searched for me more than Waldo was ever searched for, thank you. 
    You guys put me where I am. I was never meant to make it up this far. I was never tailored or put in a spot to make it this far. I wasn’t born with the raw skills needed in this business but I was blessed with one thing you can never force, LOVE. 
    I believe that if you become obsessed with something, you will attain it. If you become obsessed with becoming the best in ring, on the mic, etc. you will become that. But one thing you can never force is the connection. The energy, the connection I would feel every time I would walk out and look you all in the eyes, every time we would talk here on the internet, every time I would hit something or get hit with something and despite me not being the most technical in the ring, you would all feel it with me. That’s why I would go all out for all of you each time. I put everything on the line in and out of the ring. In and out of pro wrestling. 
    I love every single one of you and I am forever grateful. This is not goodbye. This is see ya soon. 
    In this toxic wasteland we call planet earth, the righteous will live forever. 
    - MAYHEM
    So to be very clear, Revo-Nation, he's not coming back—at least for the foreseeable future.

    How do you feel about finally getting closure on the Mayhem Brannigan situation? Do you think his announcement leaves a gaping hole on the roster, or do you think the promotion is doing just fine without him? And if he does actually return, who would you consider to be his dream opponent among PWR's current stars?

    Let us know your thoughts below!
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