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    Thursday, May 12, 2016

    The Grapevine (5/12/16): Damien Sadnow

    Good morning, Henrinites, and welcome to your daily Grapevine! Here is where we round up all the rumors, news and bits of hearsay in the wild world of professional wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

    We have some news on Damien Sandow's release and Adam Rose's arrest:

    • It turns out that Damien Sandow's release was merely because WWE wanted to "freshen up the roster." Sandow did nothing wrong to warrant his release, which led to many within the company feeling shocked when it happened. Sandow will be working in the next Global Force Wrestling show. (Source: PWInsider)

    We say: While it may seem that Sandow had done nothing wrong to warrant a release, the fact that he was so barely used in the many months leading up to his release tells us that someone high up really didn't like him, and that this is a pretty lame good-PR excuse. He'll be a star elsewhere, and WWE will be asking him to come back if and when he does.

    • On the note of releases, there is reportedly another batch of releases coming at the end of the month. Apparently included in this batch are a woman, someone who "could be considered a top Superstar," and "another surprising release." Since the company always announces releases on Fridays, it's likely to happen on May 27, after Extreme Rules on the 22nd. It's possible that these talents could still negotiate out of a release, but it's said that officials are pretty sure on who's going to be cut. (Source: PWInsider)

    We say: Our guesses: the woman is probably Rosa Mendes or Lilian Garcia, the possible top Superstar is likely Ryback, and the surprising release is either Heath Slater or Curtis Axel.

    • Adam Rose, who was arrested earlier today for misdemeanor domestic battery and felony tampering with a witness, could be fired if he is convicted of these charges. Rose was arrested after he grabbed his wife during an argument (the domestic battery charge) and took the phone from her while she was trying to call 911 (tampering with a witness). Rose is still in jail with no bond. (Source: WrestlingInc)

    We say: Tough luck. We can defend him for a possible deliberate Wellness Policy-related suspension, but not this. Looks like Rose is going to be out of the door soon, and it's a shame, considering he's arguably the best among the Social Outcasts. Happy trails, Ray.

    What do you think? Who else is getting released this month? Let us know what you think in the comments!

    Photo from WWE
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