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    Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    #WTFWednesday (5/4/16): The Rise of the UnderVader

    Happy Star Wars Day, fellow wrestling fans, and May the 4th be with you!

    Think fast—who's seven feet tall, dressed all in black, a certified bad-ass, enjoys choke slamming people to hell, and is scary af?

    Dead Man Inc. meets the Dark Side.
    On a day like today, we wouldn't blame you for guessing either one of these imposing gentlemen as the answer—the WWE's own legendary Undertaker, or one of the most imposing cinematic baddies of all time, Darth Vader.

    But wardrobe choices and a fetish for choking aside, wouldn't it be neat if there was some sort of mashed-up reality where we could see the merged awesomeness of both the Phenom and Lord Vader crushing throats and beating random jabronis, while the collective heads of both rasslin' and Star Wars fandoms explode in glee?

    Thankfully, the Internet has plenty of time on its hands, and we've got exactly that. So just in case you've ever wondered what would happen if Taker suddenly earned the ability to dish out Force Chokes at random, you've finally got an answer.

    CHIKARA's got nothing on these levels of insanity. In fact, we've got two words for the Undertaker: MAGIC! CHOKESLAM!

    Hey, why not? It isn't any sillier than him "magically" raising the house lights after his entrance.

    What would be your ultimate Star Wars-WWE mash-up, Henrinites? Could you see John Cena as Luke Skywalker, or is Sasha Banks as Mara Jade more up your alley? Think Seth Rollins would be the ultimate Darth Caedus? Let us know in the comments.

    May the 4th be with you all!
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