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    Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    If You Smell What The Rock Is Clocking: Rock Clock Review

    There are not a lot of wrestling-related mobile apps out there: there’s the official WWE App, and a slew of wrestling games that have yet to translate well compared to, say, their console equivalents. Having spent quite a bit of money on WWE mobile games like Supercard, Immortals, and 2K, and bought TNA Impact on iOS, I’m probably in a position to say that wrestling and mobile haven’t reached heights that they should.

    Unless you’re in a crowd summoning fireflies for the Wyatt Family.

    Enter the Rock Clock.

    The Rock Clock is one among many alarm clock apps for iOS and Android, featuring 25 different alarm tones recorded by Dwayne Johnson himself. The alarm tones include some Sing-Along-With-The-Rock, The Rock laying the smacketh down on a harp, chainsaws, hyped up cats, and my personal favorite, Rockapella.

    “If you smell / If you smell / If you smell / Jabroni”

    Like quite a few third-party alarm/reminder apps, the Rock Clock is pretty basic: you can set reminders, different notification sounds for different tasks, and so on. Because this is more of a “motivational app” (or whatever newfangled category people would classify their app as), the Rock Clock also allows you to set different projects and goals.

    Looks simple enough...

    Once you “crush” the goal, you’re able to share your success on your social media profiles.

    Now imagine if Rusev would have an alarm clock app too... would this read "Matchka?"

    The “motivation” part for this app comes—you guessed it—motivational words from the Great One himself. This is pretty much every motivational poster thing you see on your Facebook feed. My only complaint is that it lacks a Rock-ness of sorts: while I appreciate his well-intentioned messages, I miss the over-the-top ridicule that motivated many wrestlers to pick a fight with The Rock over the years.

    Whatever happened to checking yo ass over to the corner of Know-Your-Role Boulevard and Jabroni Drive?

    The Rock Clock also has “Rock Time,” which wakes you up when The Rock gets up in the morning. The catch is that it has no “Snooze” button; the idea being that you should be getting up when The Rock tells you to get up. Also, “Snooze” buttons are for jabronis. While you can get around this by fiddling around with volume buttons, the sound quality is a bit on the weak side: a cheap P100 alarm clock is more effective than this.

    "Want to wake up with DJ?" I'm like WHUUUUT.

    The verdict? Again, this clock lacks many of the things and catchphrases we’ve grown to like about The Rock. Wrestling fans would probably want more of The Rock’s signature catchphrases in here (imagine daily insults from The Rock), but as an alarm clock it leaves a lot to be desired. While elegantly designed, the tone volumes are a bit on the weak side, and navigating the app takes a little getting used to, compared to stock clock apps or paid apps like Rise.

    Still, though, if you want a different experience—or if you feel that motivations from Dwayne Johnson would take you further through the day, you may want to keep this app around. It’s free, it’s not a huge app, and we hope the developers would consider improving sound quality or adding more catchphrases that made The Rock a beloved and influential figure in pro wrestling.

    So while still on the roody-poo side, with a few improvements here and there this app can be the jabroni-beating, la-la-la-la pie eating, trailblazing, eyebrow-raising, Snooze-button-hating, motivating, People's App that it could potentially be.

    The Rock Clock is part of the growing lists of projects in Project Rock, which aims to “help as many of you get after your goals as possible.” The Rock Clock is free on the App Store and the Google Play Store.
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    Item Reviewed: If You Smell What The Rock Is Clocking: Rock Clock Review Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Marck Rimorin
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