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    Saturday, May 28, 2016

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR Wrevolution X 2016

    There's no better time than May to be a Filipino wrestling fan, as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution goes live with its biggest annual extravaganza, PWR Wrevolution X. 

    With the hottest storylines coming to a fiery conclusion, the biggest championship matches lined up, and the highest stakes in play, classic moments are sure to be in store.

    This year's edition has got eight sure scorchers lined up for the Revo-Nation:

    • PWR Championship Match—Triple Threat Rules: "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon vs. Ralph Imabayashi vs. "Classical" Bryan Leo 
    • PHX Gauntlet Match to be the #1 Contender: Crystal vs. Yohann "#YOLO" Ollores vs. SANDATA vs. Vintendo vs. Chino Guinto vs. Mark D. Manalo vs. Joey Bax vs. Trabajador Uno
    • PHX Championship Match: PHX Gauntlet winner vs. Main Maxx (c) 
    • First Blood Match: Peter Versoza vs. Bombay Suarez 
    • All-Out War: The Apocalypse vs. Kanto Terror 
    • Grudge Match: James "Idol" Martinez vs. Rederick Mahaba. Mahaba must join The Network if he loses. 
    • Grudge Match: Ken Warren vs. Miguel Rosales
    • Career vs. Career Match: Chris Panzer (with Mr. Sy) vs. John Sebastian (with KC Montero). Mr. Sy loses his job as PWR General Manager if Panzer loses, KC Montero loses his job as GOAT co-host if Sebastian loses. 

    In case you couldn't make it to the iAcademy Auditorium tonight, we've got live results for you. Keep refreshing this page for details!

    A red-hot crowd packing the iAcademy Auditorium. 



    Match #1—Tag Team Match: Chaos & Mike Madrigal vs. The Delirium

    High energy match-up that saw a lot of frenetic double trams, including a double curb stomp by by Chaos and Madrigal onto their foes, followed by a powerbomb variant of the Doomsday Device.

    In the end, Delirium got the pin on Chaos with the powerbomb-neckbreaker combo popularized by Wrath and Mortis in WCW.

    Winners: The Delirium via pinfall. 

    Match #2—Tag Team Match: Double Dragon (Stanley Chi & Ramon Bautista) vs. "The Machine" Mavericc Knight & "Big Bank" Bruno Bernardo 

    The comedy duo realized they were outweighed by their two massive opponents, and called for an on-the-spot replacement tag team partner for Bautista from the crowd, in place of Chi.

    Machine pinned the unnamed replacement partner in a quick squash with a World's Strongest Slam.

    Winners: The Machine & Bruno Bernardo via pinfall. 

    Unsatisfied by the squash, Bernardo called for better competition—answered by Los Trabajadores.

    Match #3: The Machine & Bruno Bernardo vs. Los Trabajadores 

    Machine scores an easy pin with the Good Knight spinning side slam.

    Winners: The Machine & Bruno Bernardo via pinfall. 


    Main Show 

    Match #1: Rederick Mahaba vs. James "Idol" Martinez 

    It was a match-up of "Open-Minded" versus "Open-Hearted," as Mahaba sought to finally settle his long-standing beef with The Network.

    Rederick impressed everyone with a top-rope plancha to the entire Network, which led to what was initially declared as a double count-out.

    PWR General Manager Mr. Sy came out to restart the match, declaring it a no-countout match.

    Idol responded by escaping to the iAcademy second floor, wiping everyone out with a sky-high 20-foot plancha.

    In the end, Mahaba finally locked on his Jaccolade after months of pursuit, getting Idol to tap out.

    Winner: Rederick Mahaba via submission. 

    Match #2: Ken Warren vs. Miguel Rosales 

    High intensity. Energy. Crowd-pleasing action. A top-rope tope con hilo by Miguel Rosales to the outside. This match was locked into fifth gear from the start.

    Miguel Rosales ultimately shook off the ring rust to evade the WiFi superkick, and bring Warren down with an F5 for the three-count.

    Winner: Miguel Rosales via pinfall. 

    Match #3: PHX Gauntlet Match 

    First participant was Yohann "#YOLO" Ollores, who came out with his personal DJ and a hoverboard. He would be followed by Vintendo.

    In order of elimination:

    • Ollores eliminates Vintendo with a jumping reverse STO. Mark D. Manalo is next up. 
    • Manalo eliminates Ollores with a roll-up. Next entrant is Joey Bax of Fighters 4 Hire. 
    • Joey Bax eliminates Manalo with a Big Ending after outside interference by Ollores. SANDATA comes out next. 
    • SANDATA eliminates Bax with an Ankle Lock submission. Competitor #6 is Trabajador Uno. 
    • SANDATA eliminates Trabajador Uno with a Busaiku Knee Kick. Chino Guinto makes his way out. 
    • Guinto eliminates SANDATA with a Gold Digger. His next opponent: Crystal. 
    • Guinto eliminates Crystal with a Gold Digger after the Royal Flush's Scarlett distracted her. 
    Winner and the new PHX #1 Contender: Chino Guinto

    Match #4—PHX Championship: Chino Guinto vs. Main Maxx (c) 

    The reigning PHX Champion obliterated a weary Guinto with the Blitzkrieg choke bomb to retain his title.

    Winner: Main Maxx via pinfall. 

    Match #5—All Out War: The Apocalypse vs. Kanto Terror 

    Apocalypse withstands the combined forces of Beer Promdi to destroy Kanto Terror with a Death Bell to put an end to their long rivalry.

    Winner: Apocalypse via pinfall.

    Match #6—First Blood: Bombay Suarez vs. Peter Versoza

    Both men proved to be all-out risk-takers, putting their bodies on the line with all sorts of brutal offense—both in and out of the ring.

    Versoza continued his red-hot run in PWR, destroying PWR's resident "Bitch Killer" with a Petegree onto a barbed wire baseball bat for the win.

    Winner: Peter Versoza via first blood. 

    Versoza continued the humiliation after the match, grinding a fallen Bombay full-on in the face with the bat.

    Match #7—Career vs. Career: Chris Panzer (with Mr. Sy) vs. John Sebastian (with KC Montero) 

    Montero and Sebastian ran down the iAcademy audience to massive heat, calling Chris Panzer "the hottest chick in PWR," Mr. Sy a "Chinese lesbian," and all the Revo-Nation WoW-loving virgins.

    Panzer and Sebastian put on one of the most emotion-laden wars in recent PWR history as they fought for the careers of PWR General Manager Mr. Sy and FOX TV host KC Montero respectively.

    Fed up with all the interference from KC Montero, Panzer eventually blasted the abrasive TV host off the apron with a Panzerschreck kick. The distraction proved to be his undoing, as Sebastian capitalized with a Killshot knee for the three.

    Winner: John Sebastian via pinfall. 

    A victorious Sebastian and Montero called Sy into the ring for the chance to save his career by shaking Montero's hand. Sy complied, but fell victim to a low blow followed by a vicious caning.

    The now-former GM makes his way to the back after bidding the audience goodbye.

    Match #8—PWR Championship Triple Threat: Ralph Imabayashi vs. Jake De Leon vs. "Classical" Bryan Leo (c) 

    The animosity between JDL and Imabayashi took center stage in the early goings, with both men seeming to work together at first to soften up Bryan Leo, only for the two former PWR Champions to turn on each other with superkicks and clotheslines galore.

    Leo reasserted himself with a beautiful chain wrestling clinic, culminating in a simultaneous fisherman's suplex onto Imabayashi as he held JDL in an Indian deathlock. All three men ended up going through a table, as Imabayashi snuck in with a Sonic Crusher as Leo attempted to give JDL a PCW slam to the outside.

    JDL recovered to drop both his foes with dual Alipin Drops to reclaim the championship he lost to Bryan Leo a year ago at the first Wrevolution X. 

    Winner AND THE NEW PWR CHAMPION: Jake De Leon via pinfall. 


    How did you feel about the show, Revo-Nation? What do you think is going on with the General Manager position? And how do you feel about the PWR Championship scene? Let us know your thoughts below and we'll have our full review up very soon. 
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