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    Sunday, May 8, 2016

    EC3 Shows Up At EVOLVE And Shoots On WWE

    Well... what a bizarre way to kick off Mother's Day.

    Everyone knows that EVOLVE Wrestling is now bedfellows with the WWE, thanks to Gabe Sapolsky, Triple H, and the Cruiserweight Classic (AKA the Tournament Formerly Known As The Global Cruiserweight Series). They've got guys like TJ Perkins competing for a shot at the WWE-hosted tournament, and they share talent like Johnny Gargano across both promotions.

    Which is why what just happened at EVOLVE 61 is super intriguing—if not to mention, really dangerous.

    TNA babyface Ethan Carter III (AKA the Former WWE Talent Formerly Known As Derrick Bateman) showed up at the EVOLVE 61 main event (also, a promotion he's never been in before) to interrupt a match between Drew Galloway (AKA the Current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and the Former WWE Talent Formerly Known As Drew McIntyre) and current NXT competitor Johnny Gargano. Although Galloway is a babyface champ in TNA at the moment, in EVOLVE he's a heel.

    Here's a link to the segment:

    It's a little hard to pick up because it's not official video, but EC3 basically shoots on NXT, looking back not-so-fondly at his time on the show. Of course, what any good wrestling fan will tell you that NXT now is not the NXT of before; no more wheelbarrow races, just pure wrestling. Eventually, Ethan Page chases off the two TNA guys, and Gargano challenges both men to a match, calling EC3 "Derrick Bateman" for good measure.

    They're obviously being heels as EVOLVE has partnerships with both WWE and TNA (as evidenced by Galloway and recent signee Caleb Konley, among other things) but we just have to wonder whose idea this was, and how wise it really was to poke WWE with its former guys currently with the competition. WWE is known to have a giant corporate ego, and although it's likely that Sapolsky would have never run this angle without running it by Triple H, it's a very tight rope he's walking on.

    One thing's for sure: it just made the must-watch EVOLVE company already more must-watch. And if this is really Hunter's doing (and everyone's cool with it), then it's the right step toward making a wrestling monopoly really work for everyone around the business.

    What do you think? Is this a dangerous angle? Let us know what you think in the comments!

    Photo from TNA
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