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    Saturday, April 23, 2016

    [FULL RESULTS] PWR Live: Road to Wrevolution X (4/23/16)

    All roads headed South as the Philippine Wrestling Revolution invaded the BF Homes Multi-Purpose Gym in Paranaque City on April 23, 2016 with PWR Live: The Road to Wrevolution X.

    The last stop before May 28's Wrevolution X, typically the biggest show of the year for PWR, featured a loaded card, with five matches announced, and two more surprises being teased.

    • PHX Championship Match: Ken Warren vs. Bombay Suarez (c)
    • Six-Man Tag Match: The Royal Flush ("Classical" Bryan Leo, John Sebastian & Peter Versoza) vs. "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon, Ralph Imabayashi & Chris Panzer
    • Grudge Match: Vintendo vs. The Apocalypse
    • Singles Match: "The Golden Boy" Chino Guinto vs. SANDATA
    • Singles Match: Joey Bax vs. Mark D. Manalo (with Kanto Terror)
    • Surprise Match: Rederick Mahaba in action
    • Surprise Match: The Network in action

    Anticipation was red-hot, with lines forming as early as 4:30 PM for the show.

    The early line forming for PWR Live.
    There was clearly a huge pent-up appetite for some good old-fashioned Philippine wrestling action down in the South. A rabid crowd showed up to pack the venue, giving the show an indie vibe we haven't felt since PWR's beginnings in the old Makati Square Arena.

    Courtesy of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution Facebook page.

    But in case you couldn't make it, we've got full results for you.


    Match 1: Rederick Mahaba vs. Yohann "#YOLO" Ollores

    Rederick Mahaba may claim to hail from "All of Your Hearts" during his ring entrance, but he's a Southside boy through and through, promising to dedicate his match to the BF Homes faithful in a post made on his Facebook account.

    The Intimate Warrior took the opportunity to address his hometown crowd beforehand to a raucous reception.

    His opponent was revealed to be the debuting Yohann "#YOLO" Ollores, who wasted no time in insulting the audience to massive heat and a "Justin Bieber!" chant.

    In the end, Mahaba won in a squash after blasting Ollores with his thunderous finisher known as "It's More Slam in the Philippines."

    Winner: Rederick Mahaba via pinfall.

    Promo Segment: Mr. Sy Speaks

    PWR General Manager Mr. Sy made his way to the ring to address the brewing feud between TV host KC Montero, the Royal Flush's John Sebastian, and Chris Panzer.

    Sy also announced a surprise match for Wrevolution X: An 8-person gauntlet match to crown a new #1 contender to face the holder of the PHX Championship immediately at the same show.

    The first entrants were introduced—none other than Crystal and the Royal Flush's Peter Versoza, who squared off in memorable fashion at last February's Vendetta.

    And in equally massive news, Versoza was also announced to be matched up against Malaysia Pro Wrestling World to Regional Champion Shaukat in an interpromotional match next month as well. Whew!

    Match 2: "Golden Boy" Chino Guinto vs. SANDATA

    The top downline of the Network laced up his boots for some singles action against the masked SANDATA.

    The match treated us to some gorgeous chain wrestling, as well as a monster "FUCK YOU CHINO!" chant aimed at the Network's Golden Boy.

    Guinto dazzled the house with his strength, nailing SANDATA with a pop-up uppercut a la Cesaro, followed by a deadlift sitout powerbomb to counter his opponent's trademark Pagbasag huracan-facebuster.

    In the end, Guinto survived with a surprise roll-up on SANDATA, snapping the Last Warrior's two-match winning streak.

    Winner: Chino Guinto via pinfall.

    Match 3: Joey Bax vs. Mark D. Manalo (with Kanto Terror)

    Mark D. Manalo came out next to prove he can handle himself in singles action under the watchful eye of his Beer Promdi partner and mentor Kanto Terror, this time against the always-deadly Joey Bax of Fighters 4 Hire.

    Manalo put up his usual feisty effort before falling prey to The Hit, Joey Bax's front Russian legsweep variant, for the clean three-count loss.

    Winner: Joey Bax via pinfall.

    The Apocalypse makes his way to the ring to stalk Manalo before getting chased backstage by Kanto Terror.

    Match 4: The Network (James "Idol" Martinez & "Big Bank" Bruno Bernardo) vs. Los Trabajadores

    We finally got to see the in-ring debut of the menacing enforcer of The Network, "Big Bank" Bruno Bernardo, and it looks like anyone who wants to get in the way of PWR's Pyramid of #PoWeR had better watch out.

    Their surprise opponents? Los Trabajadores.

    Both teams showed some great teamwork, while Bernardo impressed with his ring awareness and surprisingly smooth work. Network won after a huge back-to-the-head lariat known as the Paydown by "Big Bank" to Trabajador Uno.

    Winners: The Network via pinfall.

    Following the match, "The Machine" Mavericc Knight came out to lay a beatdown on the fallen Trabajadores, leading to a huge triple powerbomb by the Network.

    Rederick Mahaba interrupted the preening to lay down one more challenge to "Idol"—a rematch at Wrevolution X, swearing this time to lay the Jaccolade down on his long-time rival, and agreeing to join the Network if he loses.

    Match 5—PHX Championship Match: "The Social Media Sinister" Ken Warren (with Joey Bax) vs. Bombay Suarez (c)

    Could the "Bitch Killer" Bombay Suarez keep his status as the first and only dual champion in PWR? The crowd was hot for the man known as "The Heart and Soul of PWR." Former champion Ken Warren came out locked and focused to steal back his PHX gold, with Joey Bax joining him as his usual hired muscle.

    The Royal Flush made their way to the ring before the action could begin to demand a huge change: the inclusion of its Perfect 10 Main Maxx, who they claimed was never legally eliminated from the Path of Gold match at last December's Terminus, and should rightfully be included in the PHX Championship match.

    The PHX Championship match was now a Triple Threat—Main Maxx vs. Bombay vs. Warren.

    After an all-out brawl, Maxx emerged victorious with a massive Blitzkrieg chokebomb on Suarez to claim the PHX Championship.

    Winner and the NEW PHX Champion: Main Maxx via pinfall

    Following the match, a frustrated Ken Warren attacked Joey Bax for not giving a bigger hand in his match. This led to Bax's running mate in Fighters 4 Hire, "Ruthless" Miguel Rosales, now seemingly recovered from his concussion, coming out to a pop to save the day for Bax.

    Match 6: Vintendo vs. The Apocalypse

    This match marked the first in-ring action for Vintendo since January's PWR Live: Road to Vendetta. Would the Fighting Gamer show any ring rust against the destructive force known as The Apocalypse?

    Apocalypse made quick work of Vintendo in yet another a squash match, dropping him with a quick Death Ball followed by a D'Arche Choke for the win.

    Winner: Apocalypse via submission

    Beer Promdi ran out to attack Apocalypse post-match, but got laid out for their troubles.

    Match 7: The Royal Flush ("Classical" Bryan Leo, John Sebastian & Peter Versoza) vs. "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon, Ralph Imabayashi & Chris Panzer

    This match was billed as the first-ever six-man tag team match in PWR history, assembling a magnificent collection of contrasting talents and styles into one ring.

    Each performer got a great response from the BF Homes crowd, with inaugural PWR Champion Jake De Leon getting the pop of the night thus far from the adoring members of the Revo-Nation in attendance.

    As expected, friction between JDL and Imabayashi seemed to be the underlying theme throughout the match, with both men still nursing some bad blood over their recent mishaps against the Royal Flush in recent months.

    This was a high-energy contest with bodies flying all over the place, including a beautiful diving Bionic Elbow from Imabayashi to everyone outside—including his own teammates.

    Ultimately, it was a breakdown of chemistry that proved to be the face team's downfall. Peter Versoza scores the pin on the Fil-Japanese Sensation with a Petegree moments after a furious Imabayashi turned on JDL with a Sonic Crusher.

    Winners: Royal Flush via pinfall.

    Mr. Sy came out one last time to announce the main event for Wrevolution X: A Triple Threat between "Classical" Bryan Leo, Ralph Imabayashi, and Jake De Leon for the PWR Championship.

    The Flush proceeded to dish out a gigantic beatdown on a fallen JDL and Imabayashi, standing victorious to close the show.


    How did you feel about the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's latest outing? What do you think was the match of the night? Are you intrigued about the PWR Championship Triple Threat announced by Mr. Sy? And how do you feel about Main Maxx's shocking victory for the PHX Championship? Leave us your thoughts below, and we'll see you all at Wrevolution X in just over a month.


    Live photos unless otherwise noted are by Lance Tan Ong of Smark Henry.
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