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    Monday, April 25, 2016

    10 Stats And Streaks About The Philippine Wrestling Revolution

    PWR Live: Road to Wrevolution X, the twelfth official show of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, may be over and done with, but that doesn't mean we're letting it fly over our heads.

    Each month, we tabulate each PWR talent's win-loss record (whether in singles, tag, or multi-man matches) to identify performance trends, hot or cold streaks, and stars to look out for in coming months. And after roughly a year and a half of shows, here's how every active wrestler's slate stacks up.

    All records are accurate as of April 23, 2016.

    We  couldn't help but notice some interesting facts that may be gleaned from the data. While pro wrestling may be a fictional sport where wins and losses don't truly measure the value of a competitor, it's always nice to find nice little stories in the numbers we do have.

    Let's get started!


    1. John Sebastian is the streakiest wrestler in PWR

    John Sebastian may be the designated Ace for the Royal Flush, but despite his all-star swag, he's also a wrestler who only knows how to blow hot or cold.

    He may hold a lifetime 6-5 in-ring record, but the interesting thing is that every single one of his wins and losses has come as part of a streak—losing two straight matches to start his career, followed by alternating three-match runs of wins, losses, and wins.

    2. Chris Panzer has never been more than one match above or below .500

    Chris Panzer never backs down from the toughest fight he can find, and perhaps that's why he sports just five wins against six losses.

    That might strike you as a run-of-the-mill record, but here's the fascinating part: despite consistently lining up against tough competition like former PHX Champion Ken Warren, former PWR Champion Jake De Leon, and the much-missed Mayhem Brannigan, Chris Panzer has never dropped more than one match below the .500 mark.

    On the flip side, he's never been more than one match above it either, so look for Chris Panzer to start showing some consistency in 2016. Odds are, he won't be losing his next contest next time out.

    3. "Classical" Bryan Leo is the only wrestler with ten wins to his name.

    With the Royal Flush's victory at PWR Live: Road to Wrevolution X, reigning PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo became the first and only man to win ten matches in his PWR career. Astoundingly, the Classical One reached this threshold in just 14 matches.

    Now that's what you call a First World performance.

    The only man with any chance of catching Leo any time soon is Jake De Leon, who's secured eight wins in 16 career matches. Trouble is, "The Senyorito" is currently mired in a two-match losing streak, so he'll have to turn things around big time to gain entrance to this exclusive circle.

    4. Jake De Leon is the official company workhorse.

    And speaking of Jake De Leon, not only has he wrestled the most matches in PWR history with 16 matches over 12 shows, he's pulled double-duty four times as the hardest-working man in local wrestling today:

    • PWR Renaissance 2014: Won his singles match with "Classical" Bryan Leo, lost the immediate rematch
    • Terminus 2014: Beat John Sebastian in Sebastian's main roster debut, was Bombay Suarez's tag team partner against Royal Flush in the surprise main event that evening.
    • Wrevolution X 2015: Beat Bombay Suarez in the PWR Championship, lost in "Classical" Bryan's Leo's immediate cash-in.
    • Terminus 2015: Wrestled in tag team action with Bombay Suarez against the Royal Flush, won the Path of Gold that same night.

    Talk about fantastic conditioning. The Pride of Hacienda De Leon may not astound you with a six-pack and popping veins, but he's got a motor unmatched by anyone else in Philippine wrestling.

    5. Ken Warren and "Classical" Bryan Leo hold the longest winning streaks in PWR history at five matches.

    It should come as no surprise that the two longest-reigning champions in PWR's record books are also co-holders of the longest winning streaks in company history at five victories apiece.

    Two-time PWR Champion "Classical" Bryan Leo did it from May to November 2015—a period spanning six months—while Ken Warren replicated his feat from August 2015 to February 2016 on his way to a PHX Championship reign.

    The difference is that Leo currently holds a live four-match winning streak, and could become the first man to hold a five-match streak twice if he successfully defends his championship at Wrevolution X next month.

    6. SANDATA holds the longest losing streak in PWR history at seven matches.

    The masked SANDATA may be among the most valiant competitors in PWR today, going a solid 2-2 in his last four outings, while slowly unfolding a newfound aggression that has fans hopping aboard the bandwagon.

    But until he defeated Joey Bax by submission at Vendetta 2016, he had gone winless for one calendar year, starting with his debut at Vendetta 2015. Yikes. That can't be good for his company variable bonus scheme.

    7. Six wrestlers have opened their career with losing streaks.

    It's not easy being a wrestler, and nowhere is that more obvious than the fact that a fourth of today's active roster has struggled with a losing streak to begin their pro wrestling journey.

    SANDATA of course is the record-holder with his seven losses, while his former tag partner Peter Versoza lost five straight until breaking free to be his own man. Rederick Mahaba lost four straight (but is now on a nice little two-match win streak), while Vintendo is on a live losing streak of three matches after getting choked out by The Apocalypse last weekend. Meanwhile, the Los Trabajadores tag team is on a live losing streak of two matches as well.

    Note however that both Yohann "#YOLO" Ollores and Crystal could have the dubious honor of joining this club, with both having lost their debut matches. Let's hope they nail a 'W' next time out.

    8. Bombay Suarez is the only active wrestler to have started his career on a winning streak.

    Bombay Suarez is one tough muthah, and it shows in his win-loss record. No other wrestler in the roster today has done what he did, which is to begin his pro wrestling career with a winning streak.

    From Renaissance 2014 until Vendetta 2015, he defeated The Apocalypse and Ken Warren in singles action, and the Royal Flush in a tag team match, taking him to an impeccable 3-0.

    It wasn't until he lost to long-time friend Jake De Leon in the PWR Championship Finals at Wrevolution X 2015 that the Bitch Killer of Pinoy wrestling finally tasted defeat, but he's rebounded nicely since then to assemble his own championship collection.

    9. Only two men have wrestled at every PWR show since it launched in 2014.

    Ask any fan of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution who the top names are that come to mind, and chances are they'll say "Classical" Bryan Leo and "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon.

    That should come as no shock, considering that ever since the first PWR show in 2014, the pair stands as the only men to have wrestled on the main card every single time out. These dudes put in the work, and it shows in their sterling attendance records.

    A whole bunch of other PWR originals missed out on this iron man feat with one absence each: Ken Warren missed one show for the holidays, Chris Panzer had a commercial shoot, while Bombay Suarez missed one show due to injury.

    10. Kanto Terror is the active leader in winning percentage (minimum of five matches.)

    He may not wrestle very often, but Kanto Terror has quietly amassed the best all-time winning record of any talent with at least five matches. His win percentage of .800 is tops in the company today, with "Classical" Bryan Leo hot on his heels at .714.

    He's no technical wizard in that ring, but chances are the Siga of Kanto Tinio knows how to take his opponent's best shot. And more often than not, he's coming out on top.

    Now let's hope his winning fortunes rub off on his tag team partner, Mark D. Manalo.


    Which bit of trivia surprised you the most, Revo-Nation? Spotted any cool stats and streaks of your own! Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything, and we'll see you at the next PWR show.


    Click here if you'd like to know more about the Philippine Wrestling Revolution via its official website, or like them on Facebook for all the latest news and updates.

    Photos are by that inglourious basterd, Hub Pacheco.
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