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    Friday, March 4, 2016

    Ken Warren vs. Bombay Suarez vs. Chris Panzer: The 3-Way PHX-travaganza

    Manila is about to get hot and on fire as the PHX Championship will be defended for the first time ever in the main event of a PWR show! And my, what a main event it's gonna be as the Social Media Sinister and PHX Champion, Ken Warren, defends his title against two of the hottest acts in the company, Bombay Suarez and Chris Panzer, in a 3-Way bout this Saturday in PWR Live: Manila Madness!


    "The Social Media Sinister" Ken Warren had a monumental 2015 when he managed to become the first Philippine Hybrid X Champion in history via a tournament win at Renaissance 2015. Of course, this all went down thanks to some hired help from a certain pair of fighters, leading to Mayhem Brannigan being eliminated due to injury, and Ralph Imabayashi getting screwed over in the impromptu finals en route to a coronation. 

    Since then, he managed to succesfully defend his title against a familiar foe in Chris Panzer in PWR Live: May Aircon Na, and has held the title for months due to title defense inactivity (aka the #KWsUSAHolidayTour). And if he thought his break was going to last longer, boy was he wrong.

    Bombay Suarez had quite an impessive start to 2016 as the Heart and Soul of PWR managed to secure gold in another land, namely, Malaysia. In MyPW Uprising, he overcame JTJ with the Bomb Shelter in a hardcore bout to become the new MyPW Extreme Division Champion, bringing the title to the Philippines and to PWR much praise and adulation. And at PWR Vendetta 2016, the fans made sure to let them know that.

    Mr. Sy, the PWR General Manager, made a Champion vs. Champion bout for Vendetta against Warren, who demanded praise, respect, and adoration as the self-proclaimed #WorkhorseChampion of PWR. 
    After some confusion, the Human Trending Topic nailed a low blow followed by a Wi-Fi to Suarez to pick up the win (albeit tainted). Mr. Sy would have enough of Warren's attitude, and drop a bombshell (no pun intended) announcement: that he would defend the PHX Championship against both PWR representatives who recently came to Malaysia, Bombay Suarez and Chris Panzer, in a 3-Way match. This match was scheduled to take place in Laguna, but would instead take place as the main event of PWR Live: Manila Madness.

    Photo from Lorenzo Magnaye
    Chris Panzer is certainly no stranger to Ken Warren by all means. Since PWR's very first show, Renaissance 2014, the two have traded wins and losses against one another. In fact, the last time Warren lost a match, it was back at Wrevolution X against the Leader of the Panzer Army in a Submission Match. Despite that, he was unable to beat Warren for the PHX Championship. And much recently at MyPW Uprising, he was unable to get it done against Shaukat for the MyPW Regional Championship. Despite this, it may have ended up as a great learning experience for the Motor City native as he will find out that one door may have closed, but another one has opened.


    1. Warren Seals His Fate

    Man, if only Warren knew when to shut up.

    What started out as a rant about him not getting enough appreciation as the PHX Champion, insulting Mr. Sy in the process, has led to a situation where his title will be defended in a match not favoring the champion at all. Not only does he have to contend against the guys he messed with for the past months, but under 3-Way rules, he doesn't need to get pinned to lose his title.

    Now don't get me wrong, Warren is a very talented individual. But at this point, he may have bitten way more than he could chew.

    2. The MyPW Aura

    The challengers gained something from their recent trip to MyPW, and while very different in nature, they are equally of utmost importance.

    Bombay recent proved that he is championship material by destroying JTJ in a hardcore bout, leading to his first ever title win. Now we all know that at any given time, he can easily become a championship player in PWR, no matter the title. But to win another promotion's title and proving that he dishes pain as much as he can take it in, ehem, extreme situations? That is saying something. And now, he has a chance to become a dual champion by potentially becoming the second PHX Champion in history. A historic win of that magnitude will propel him into iconic status.

    Chris Panzer may have lost his match against Shaukat, but he gained something greater: the fact that he is capable of becoming a champion at any given night. He brought the fight to Malaysia's best wrestler and was close to winning the belt in the main event, and that says something about who Panzer is as a competitor. If that doesn't boost your confidence, I don't know what will.

    A complacent Warren is the worst Warren that can show up at PWR Live: Manila Madness, because the amount of intensity his challengers will bring will be something he has never faced before. And in case one has forgotten, he ain't facing a single guy.

    3. The Element of Familiarity

    It really helps to have some sense of familiarity against your opponents. After all, scouting your opponents and studying their moves and actions will make you one stepmcloser to championship glory.

    Both Panzer and Suarez have faced the reigning PHX Champion in the past, having traded wins and losses with the Human Trending Topic at previous events. But this will be the first time they will face him under 3-Way rules. Warren will have to work double hard to retain his title considering how he will face a pair of his past opponents at the same time.

    Despite that, both Panzer and Suarez have never faced each other in their careers. Hope they took enough notes from each other's past matches to get at least some advantage in their title encounter this Saturday.

    4. The Uncertainty of a 3-Way

    The 3-Way is a unique format in and of itself, and as such, so many things can happen. That is just the nature of the beast. Don't believe me? Just ask Bryan Leo, Jake de Leon, and The Apocalypse.

    At PWR Renaissance 2015, a pissed off Mark D. Manalo came to the ring after the referee got knockedout and hit a match-changing spear to Apocalypse, allowing CBL to retain his title in a 3-Way PWR Championship bout.

    Being said, there is a very real possibility that things can break down quickly and become factors to the match's conclusion. After all, Warren did have a ton of assistance from F4H when it comes to title situations. Then again, it's not like Warren himself will be safe in a match against 2 people who hate his guts.

    Some fans will hope that the match will end up being a straight up battle between 3 of the best that Philippine wrestling has to offer. And in a way, that will end up being true as these guys will fight to show that they belong in the big time. But don't forget, a 3-Way can break down easier than one can expect.


    Now this is an interesting situation. You got 3 of the most talented individuals in a championship bout under 3-Way rules, a match where literally, anything goes. While these men will bring the best they got to offer for the PHX Championship, you also have to consider that the match itself can end up being chaotic with all these personalities and uncertainties.

    Thus, there is absolutely no way to call for a favorite in this kind of battle. Given their experience in high pressure situations, uncertain circumstances, and general unpredictability, predicting the winner is a challenge in and of itself. If anything, the only way we can call a definite winner whoever will dig down the deepest. And we will find out who that man is in the main event of PWR Live: Manila Madness.

    Got any other thoughts for this upcoming match? Who do you think will win? Hit us up in the comments section below!


    PWR Live: Manila Madness will be on March 5, Saturday, at the Tanduay Covered Courts, Legarda Street, Manila. Tickets are priced at Php 350 and are once again available at The Appraisery. Further announcements regarding the show can be found on the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's Facebook page.

    For more details, sign up for the official event page here.

    Photos taken by Hub Pacheco and from respective sources
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