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    Monday, March 14, 2016

    Five Things We Learned From Bombay Suarez Vs. JTJ

    For those of you who either happen to be living under a rock or are unaware of the resurgence of the Philippine wrestling scene, 2016 happens to be the year of Bombay Suarez—the man known as the "Bitch Killer" and "The Heart & Soul of PWR," and the same man who happens to be champion across two countries as concurrent Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) PHX Champion and the Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) Extreme Division Champion.

    Our buddies over in Malaysia recently uploaded the full match wherein Suarez claimed the Extreme Division Championship over the tough-as-nails JTJ. It's a doozy. The full match is below, but there are five things we'd love to point out before we get to it.

    1. PG-mode Bombay Suarez is surreal

    There's something gleefully vulgar about watching Bombay Suarez in action. From the "Scream motherfuckers!" drop of his entrance theme to his "Bitch Killer" monicker, you know there's no way this dude will ever headline a CBCP event. That's why it was so amusing how the more family-friendly MyPW attempted to sanitize him, leading him to be introduced as "The ... Killer!" and the refrain of his theme song playing as "YO! Get it get it get it get it!"

    You can't have Bombay without some well-placed profanity. Let's get some cussing going on.

    2. Weight disparities don't mean a thing in an extreme match

    With Bombay Suarez billed at 110 kilograms and JTJ and a comparatively petite 80 kilograms, we were facing a match with a nearly 70-pound weight advantage for the Filipino competitor. But that didn't mean he'd have his way with JTJ; the Malaysian talent demonstrated some smooth grappling early on, surprising Bombay early with an amateur belly-to-back takedown and a well-executed sidewalk slam.

    And that's not to mention the wide array of plunder JTJ introduced into the match, including the notorious Malaysian cane known as the rotan, a weapon which holds deep cultural roots in this Southeast Asian nation.

    3. Bombay is crazy AF

    Bombay was clearly in his element as he returned to his hardcore roots, showing no remorse over stripping the arena floor of its padding for the sake of bodyslamming his opponent on the bare floor. But he wasn't all about dishing out punishment; the mark of a truly courageous hardcore wrestler is his willingness to take bumps no other wrestler will, and Suarez did not disappoint.

    A crash-and-burn slingshot plancha onto the floor. A missed rolling senton off the apron. Allowing a snap suplex onto the bare floor. Eating unprotected chairshots and cane shots. Taking a vicious uranage slam onto the arena staircase. Surviving a chair-assisted corner cannonball. How many other wrestlers do you know would take these bumps? Bombay is a truly rare breed, ladies and gentlemen.

    Photo from whatsageek.com

    4. JTJ has balls the size of grapefruits

    We don't know of any wrestler that's been as superb a dance partner for Bombay as JTJ was, taking some brutal hits of his own. Being on the receiving end of a Fame Asser off the apron onto the arena floor is no joke, nor is taking a Bomb Shelter swinging side slam right onto a ladder. It can't have been fun either being the recipient of an Arabian Facebuster by Bombay, nor his patented flaming chop. Sharp-eyed observers have noted that the MyPW ring looks to be more forgiving than PWR's, but with moves like those, that kind of argument is irrelevant.

    The announcers weren't just hyping up JTJ when they talked about his toughness and how he's faced adversity all his life; the dude went step-for-step with Bombay Suarez, with a single miscue at the end proving to be the difference.

    Also, we will never look at toilet seats the same way again.

    5. What an ending!

    We'll be honest; we love crazy finisher reversal sequences, and the end of the match was right up our alley.

    We loved the storytelling down the home stretch, from JTJ countering a Bombay snap suplex with a crisp JTJ Stunner, only to get cocky and go for a top rope move. Ambition is good in a wrestler, but it came back to bite him in the ass, as Suarez went on to blast him in the face with his mythical green mist followed by a stiff Kick of the Day.

    That was only good enough for a two-count, forcing a desparate Suarez to drag a ladder into the ring and finish things in true Bitch Killer fashion after 18:07 of action.

    We loved the mutual show of respect after the match, with both competitors saluting each other's efforts. And why wouldn't they? This was a match that defined the brand of Southeast Asian wrestling—gritty, fearless, and united by passion. Great things are in store for both men, that's for sure.

    Here's the match in full.

    What did you think of this Extreme Division Championship match, Henrinites? Do you think JTJ is a champion-in-waiting? How much respect do you have for both men after this supremely cruel match-up? Let us know your thoughts below, and we can't wait until the two cross paths again.


    All photos unless otherwise indicated are from Malaysia Pro Wrestling.
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