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    Tuesday, February 16, 2016

    #ThemeSongTuesday (2/16/16): WE WANT SASHA!

    By the time RAW’s first show of 2016 came around, the Divas division had their fair share of stars missing in action. Paige was sidelined with a concussion, Nikki Bella had to undergo surgery for a possibly career-ending neck injury, and Sasha Banks was rumored to be recovering from an “undisclosed injury”, despite denying the reports on her Tumblr. This left us with Becky Lynch and Divas Champion Charlotte picking things up for the next few weeks, engaging in a great feud that would only get even more interesting at the Royal Rumble. Not only did Sasha Banks return by attacking Charlotte, she returned with no Team B.A.D. in tow.

    Source: WWE
    This week on #ThemeSongTuesday, let’s take a look a woman who has redefined women’s wrestling over the past few years, The Boss, Sasha Banks. Oh. Ahem, her theme. We meant take a look (and a listen) at her theme.

    Banks gets a recycled track (used in a WWE Network commercial a month before this debuted) from in-house composers CFO$ with her 2nd current theme “Sky’s The Limit”. We’re taken on a high-energy hip-hop/pop ride with this track, one that makes even the manliest of men want to don the shutter shades, twist their hip, and strut the ramp Sasha style. The rap verse begins half a minute in and another welcome layer is added to this already infectious theme.
    “I had a dream that I made it here in the spotlight / Woke up, see my life in the shade, now that's not quite / Hustlin' every day, I'm on my way to that sharp light 
    It’s my destiny to be bigger”
    At first glance, these are your generic “chasing the dream” lyrics word-for-word, but a closer look into Sasha Banks’ past and aspirations shows us that these words couldn’t fit better. The same woman who competed in the first ever women’s Iron Man match and several other MOTY candidates is also the same 11-year old girl that wrote this:
    The triumphant chorus lyrics and rap verses about struggling (I remember when / couldn't pay the rent /  Now I own the whole / building that I'm living in / Sky's the limit / when you're never giving in) seem tailored more for the underdog face, but also work well for a heel that would do anything to get to the top. Someone who knows they deserve the throne. Someone who worked through blood, sweat, and tears to be the best, so will spend every minute of her life reminding her enemies and anyone watching of that fact. Exactly the type of heel Sasha Banks worked to perfection for a majority of her career in WWE.

    Pretty sure "Making a little girl cry" is an immediate induction to the Heel Hall of Fame
    Source: WWE
    The theme fits so well in fact, rumors of Sasha singing her own theme's chorus made their rounds after Bayley possibly "joked" about it during a Periscope broadcast with Carmella. There's still no concrete proof as to whether she did, as WWE usually directly credits them (Enzo Amore, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena are all credited in their own themes), but it's an interesting "what if" nonetheless.

    Snoop Dogg is her cousin, so we wouldn't rule her talent to lay down tracks out.
    Source: dailywrestlingnews
    Sasha Banks is a living embodiment of fulfilled childhood dreams. Hearing this theme play at the Royal Rumble gave us hope, shining remnants of hope for The Divas Revolution that continued to float through the WWE universe well into the new year. Paige is back in action, Nikki Bella’s recovering after a successful operation, and we have a possible monster three-way rivalry set up at WrestleMania Star involving Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks. Damn.

    What do you think of Sasha Banks’ current theme? Let us know in the comments below! For more of The Boss on Smark Henry, check out Day 3 of last year's 31 Days of Wrestling, where we feature her Iron Man match against Bayley in NXT Takeover: Respect.


    When he isn't writing Smark Henry's #ThemeSongTuesday column, Lorenzo Magnaye hosts the #HomeRun on 99.5 PlayFM. It's a good thing, too, since his childhood consisted mostly of watching professional wrestling and listening to his parents on the radio. He's only recently rekindled his love for the WWE, and has been trying to make up for missing out on everything post-WrestleMania XX by praying to Seth Rollins thrice a day. Follow him on Twitter: @RenzoSaurus!
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