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    Thursday, February 11, 2016

    PWR x MyPW: Asian Wrestling Collides

    While the rest of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution prepares for PWR Vendetta 2016 in less than 2 weeks' time, this coming Saturday is going to be a special night for two of its most beloved stars.

    The country's foremost wrestling federation is going to send Chris Panzer and Bombay Suarez to compete in championship matches at Uprising this Saturday, February 13—Malaysia Pro Wrestling's (MyPW) first ever standalone show expected to draw over 300 rabid Malaysian wrestling fans.

    Below we've got a quick preview of these two matches, including everything that we've managed to find out about our local wrestlers' opposition. Read on to know more about this historic milestone for Southeast Asian wrestling!

    Bombay Suarez is set to take on MyPW's JTJ for the Extreme Division Championship. Right off the bat, this looks like a match that is exactly what Bombay wants to see. An Extreme Division match sounds right up his alley, as that violent, no-holds-barred environment is where he has shone in his previous PWR matches. Who can forget his brutal match with John Sebastian at last year's PWR Renaissance, where he delivered a flaming chop to the Ace of the Royal Flush? Bombay has proven he knows what it means to be hardcore, and you can expect him to bring his A-game to Malaysia.

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    Posted by Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Sunday, September 27, 2015

    The Bitch Killer is heading towards this match on a hot streak, having successfully fended off the flashy Peter Versoza at PWR Live: Road to Vendetta two weeks ago. He was also in action last week at a PWR show in Candelaria, Quezon, where he managed to make it out alive from a brutal encounter with the Apocalypse.

    Opposing the Heart and Soul of PWR in this match is JTJ. The MyPW Facebook page describes him as a "compassionate young man who knows the time and place to use weapons." While we weren't able to see full matches of this guy in action, MyPW was quick to point us to a couple of highlight video from a recent shows, where you can see some clips of JTJ in action. Check out the videos below:

     MyPW: JTJ vs. Double K (starts at 8:11.)

    MyPW: JTJ and The Kid vs. Double K and Razza  (starts at 4:59)

    It seems like JTJ is someone who can take a lot of pain, as you can see from the video. Like Bombay, he's also well-versed in using weapons, as evidenced by how he used those chairs and kendo sticks to put Double K down for the 3-count. He's also being billed as the underdog in this match, and is looking to score an upset over the more experienced Bombay Suarez. The latter certainly knows how to deal with younger talent; Bombay has trained a number of PWR stars, such as inaugural PWR Champion Jake De Leon, and that experience should come in handy for  this match. Don't underestimate JTJ, though. This is a huge opportunity for him to make a mark, and beating Bombay Suarez with the Extreme Division Championship on the line would catapult him into the spotlight.

    Meanwhile, Chris Panzer is set to take on the Big Daddy of MyPW, Shaukat, for the MyPW Regional Championship. Yes, you read that right—this is a match that's going to determine who the top dog is in Southeast Asia, and the stakes couldn't get any higher for Uprising's main event.

    Panzer, as you'll recall, won this opportunity by defeating Miguel Rosales of the Fighters 4 Hire at PWR Terminus last December. He's also on a roll as he heads to Malaysia, recently having defeated Rosales' tag team partner Joey Bax at PWR Live: Road to Vendetta two weeks ago. The Leader of the Panzer Army is known here in the Philippines as someone who does not back down from anything, and you can expect him to go all out here. With his diverse moveset, Panzer has shown that he is capable of ending matches in different ways, whether via a top rope move, a submission or his patented Panzerschreck bicycle kick.

    Competing against Panzer for the honor of being Southeast Asia's best is Shaukat, the Big Daddy of MyPW. Some months back, Shaukat relinquished his power to a new GM for MyPW, but has since continued to compete in the ring. At Clash of the Titans last November, Shaukat picked up a pair of wins, pinning both Razza and Furious Faizal to head into Uprising with a lot of momentum. Check out the highlights of those matches below:

     MyPW: Shaukat vs. Razza (starts at 5:03)

    MyPW: Shaukat vs. Furious Faizal (starts at 3:47)

    For more, you can also check out Shaukat's theme song and entrance video at this link.

    Like Panzer, Shaukat also has a diverse set of moves at his disposal, with the two matches above ending in different ways. From what we've seen, this is going to look like a great matchup, as both men's varied offense should make for a steady pace of highlights coming from this bout. There's also the looming threat of MyPW wrestler The D running in and making things difficult for Shaukat. Thankfully, none of Panzer's PWR rivals are there to give him hell. Here's to hoping that this match is decided fair and square.

    Who do you think will capture the championships this Saturday? Will Bombay Suarez and Chris Panzer capture glory in Malaysia, or will the hometown heroes grab the gold? On behalf of the Smark Henry team, we wish all four competitors, as well as the rest of the MyPW roster, nothing but the best at Uprising this Saturday!

    Pictures and videos are taken from the PWR page, as well as the MyPW Facebook page and YouTube account. For more information about MyPW: Uprising, you can check out their event page here.


    Anthony Cuello is an HR professional and training designer. When he’s not sleeping or reading the Harvard Business Review, he covers PWR and Lucha Underground for Smark Henry. A psychology nut, he tends to watch wrestling looking for these small nuances of in-ring behavior. He dreams of a wrestling business with good people management practices, and hopes to help make that happen one day.
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