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    Wednesday, January 6, 2016

    #WTFWednesday (1/6/16): The Holiday Gift Hangover

    And just like that, the holiday break is over. Christmas has come and gone, with that bleak and heartless period in between that we call the rest of the year. T’was the season of gift-giving, and nothing says “I know you” like a gift that best describes you. I guess that’s why I have an 18-inch high Darth Vader kid’s toy standing beside my monitor and silently judging me. Yes, Smarks, my girlfriend thinks I'm a toddler. But she’s right you know, I gotta say she got me the perfect gift. George Pastor, at your service, ready to reduce your brain cells on a weekly basis.

    But I digress. This article isn’t about me and my sweet new Darth Vader with 2 points of articulation. It’s about the PWR wrestlers who, in the spirit of the season, got what was secretly their heart’s desires.

    A quick shout out to the stellar performance of the Half-Japanese, Half-Filipino, All Awesome new PWR Champion who spearheads our list 

    Ralph Imabayashi

    Ralph Imabayashi is the poster boy of a kid who got the perfect Christmas gift. If his social media page is any indication, the excitement isn’t gonna be wearing off anytime soon.

    Speaking of wearing off, the new champ needs to keep that bad boy somewhere safe. Sleek and stylish, preferably. For that reason, he gets the custom made PWR Championship glass-top display case. All black with his initals, of course. And to keep its sweet, sexy luster, it comes with a full metal care kit. So in case you can’t find Ralph at a PWR event, you can be sure he’s just polishing his belt somewhere.

    Kanto Terror

    Nothing says the right blend of personality and functionality like a beer pong table for the resident kanto boy of the PWR.

    You see a table where he can play party games with the PWR crowd, but I see a veritable Swiss Army Knife of drunken destruction at the hands of the Alcohol Aficionado. Be it an inuman table, a weapon to use against The Apocalpyse, or even a makeshift bed when the drinking goes way past into the wee mornings (as he is wont to do), this is definitely a gift that Kanto Terror will put to good use. I’m calling it, though. This table won’t last the middle of the year.


    At a recent online Q&A session on her personal page, the PWR bombshell, Scarlett, revealed that one of her background is in Judo. As someone who is versed in The Gentle Way, she knows that the secret to pulling off that nasty Scarlett Pain against Rederick Mahaba is practice, practice, practice. 

    And as currently the prettiest face in the roster, she needs to be practicing in First World style. With this sleek brand new all-black gi, she’s all set to break not just hearts, but limbs as well. At the very least, she’ll be glad to have an extra layer of clothing separating her and The Intimate Warrior.

    Main Maxx

    If there’s any indication that this household item deserves a place in the PWR ring, just ask Main Maxx. The Silent Rage of the Royal Flush wielded this deadly shower utensil to nearly bring the Apocalypse to his knees. And now, he got the whole Kabuhayan Showcase for everyone in the PWR roster. Available in Idol, Bombay and Mahaba sizes.

    Bombay Suarez

    No, this isn’t Bombay Suarez going full blast #BalikAlindog2016. The fiery mentor of the PWR roster gets the gift that keeps on giving. That year’s supply of sitaw is sure to make the likes of John Sebastian cringe in fear of vegetables once again. Expect The Bitch Killer to channel Oprah as he goes back kicks off the year with  Peter Versoza getting his daily recommended dosage .

    You get a sitaw! You get a sitaw! You get a sitaw!

    What would you get your favorite PWR Superstar for a late Christmas gift that's sure to tickle their fancy? Let us know in the comments section below! 

    Catch the PWR roster as they kick off the year with PWR: Live! on January 30th at the iAcademy auditorium in Makati City. Tickets to go on sale soon, so bring out those aguinaldos that your titos and titas gave you!
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