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    Thursday, January 14, 2016

    The Grapevine (1/14/16): We Were Wrong About Daniel Bryan

    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Grapevine! This is our daily post rounding up all the interesting rumors from the wild, wild world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

    We're starting off by debunking a rumor we reported on earlier this week.

    • Daniel Bryan is not getting released from the WWE next Monday. We initially reported on pioneer wrestling blogger Scott Keith getting a supposed letter from an anonymous WWE Human Resources staffer detailing an impending release for the bearded Superstar on Monday, January 18th. The WWE itself issued a statement over the falsity of this report, but sharp-eyed observers have decoded a secret message within the alleged letter, with the first letter of each paragraph spelling out the word "SCOTSMAN," a wrestling blogger who feuded with Keith in his Netcop days back in the 90s.

      Here's the letter again in full, with the first letter of each paragraph highlighted for your reading appreciation.


      Can't believe I'm doing this—I'm writing from a throwaway account but please keep my details private anyway. Although feel free to paste the whole e-mail or delete it. Sorry just a bit frazzled.

      Okay so I've been debating all weekend whether to send this e-mail or not. I'll be honestone major reason I'm doing this is because when it all comes out I want to silently smile and say "Yep, I called it." Not out loud or anything but just privately to myself.

      This is going to be hard to believe and you probably get a lot of nutjobs writing every daybut I work in WWE HR. I'm not high up the totem pole by any means though.

      So on Friday one of my co-workers had to process a releaseand that release was for Daniel Bryan.

      Monday, January 18th is the date that is listed for when the deal is processed. Not sure exactly whymy coworker was very quiet about the whole thing other than letting a few people know.

      And to be honest she didn't let me knowI'm not in her inner circle. I just overheard her telling someone else and she was in shock.

      Not sure why it's a week away or anything like that as our usual releases are dated that very day. She seemed shocked by it all. Anyway that's all I know. Going to click send before I chicken out now.

    We say: Well played, Scotsman. We've got egg on our faces over falling for an Internet gag feud. We're just relieved that this rumor has absolutely no truth to it, and that Daniel Bryan, who continues to train hard for his return to the wrestling ring, just may still have a future in the WWE. And that dream match of Daniel Bryan versus Shinsuke Nakamura could still be in the cards, Henrinites! Whew!

    • Expect Fastlane to be a top-level pay-per-view instead of just a throwaway show on the Road to WrestleMania. According to insider sources, the finish has already been finalized for the Royal Rumble, and will tie strongly into storylines headed into February's Fastlane. For what it's worth, Brock Lesnar is supposedly booked for Fastlane, which may indicate a major role for him at the Rumble. (Source: F4WOnline)

    We say: We're glad that the WWE isn't resting on their laurels. With Chris Jericho being allowed to say that the WWE needs help as far as TV ratings, WWE Network buys, and live show attendance on RAW two weeks back, it seems that the 'E has gained some much-needed self-awareness. We get that their revenue stream is more dependent on growing the $9.99 WWE Network instead of getting $50 pay-per-view buys, and they could have easily just half-assed this show knowing people will buy into the Network for 'Mania anyway. Now let's hope they can put their money where their mouths are and give us a show worthy of owning the spot of doom in between the Rumble and 'Mania.


    What do you think of the Daniel Bryan incident, mga madlang pipol? Does this debunked rumor give you relief, or is it just prolonging the inevitable? And do you think Fastlane can live up to its lofty ambition? Let us know in the comments below!
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