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    Friday, December 18, 2015

    #SGQ (12/18/15): Roman's Got Some Brand New (Title) Plates

    Epic in-ring celebrations aside, one of our favorite things to see whenever anyone becomes World Champion for the first time is how their new custom sideplates will look.

    Because it's weird to be carrying a belt with someone else's logo. 

    We talked last month how Sheamus ditched his old "Lucky Charms" side plates in favor of some bad-ass new "Laoch" imagery, just in case it wasn't clear enough that his old "Fella" persona was dead.

    But with Roman Reigns finally breaking through with a championship reign lasting more than 5:15, it looks like everyone's favorite wrestling Samoan gets to debut his own new plates too.

    The WWE just posted via their official Twitter account an up-close look at Roman Reigns' custom side plates. What do y'all think, Henrinites?

    It seems like Reigns decided to play it safe with his plates, going with his trademark double-R scarab insignia.

    There's some nice two-toning work on it, which we do like, and the detailing is very well done (if not particularly inspiring). It's not a bad look, but we were hoping he'd try to surprise us with something new and unexpected, like perhaps his secondary "Superman Punch" logo that we've seen on some of his other merch on the WWE Shop.

    We do find the inclusion of Roman Reigns' name on the plates to be a curious touch, as the plates are usually treated with purely visual iconography. It's not unheard of though, as his former Shield-mate Seth Rollins did the same with his own custom plates earlier this year.
    If we can be brutally frank, when you compare his to other past champions' custom plates, Roman's version isn't exactly among the most clever.

    John Cena, for one, double-dipped when it came to designing his plates, with one containing his "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" mantra, and the other celebrating his "You can't see me" logo.

    Randy Orton meanwhile got filthy with a nice striking viper and some intricate hand-etching to embellish his expected "RKO" logo, with a bonus mirror-flip for the opposite plate. We love it when wrestlers do this.

    Daniel Bryan had a charming approach for his custom plates, going with vibrant red plates as base for his world-famous "YES! YES! YES!" chant?

    And who could ever forget Brock Lesnar's iconic "Beast Incarnate" belt? The craftsmanship on the demon head was just gorgeous, and the judicious use of red enamel in the background gave it some pop, while also subtly evoking the bloodthirsty mayhem of the Conqueror.

    Don't get us wrong—Mr. Hoo-ah looks pretty good hefting his big gold belt around, but we wish the WWE had pushed the creative envelope a little bit when it came to designing some nice new borloloy for the man who'll be carrying the company into 2016.

    What do you think of Roman Reigns' new custom side plates, Henrititos? Do you think the scarab is just fine, or do you think they played it too safe? Let us know in the comments section!

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