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    Thursday, December 24, 2015

    #ThrowbackThursday (12/24/15): The Smark Henry Wishlist

    We got to talking around the Smark Henry office water cooler the other day. There was a holiday buy-one-get-one offer at WWEShop yesterday and we figured they should really put out a classic line of merch, where they bring back classic designs just for people who’d want to buy some from the old days. Like, come on, who isn’t gonna spring for an “I’m Your Papi”? Or maybe an old Stone Cold, Rock, or DX shirt?

    We decided to get together for a quick roundtable to describe our personal Christmas wishlists of WWE merch.

    Ro: Honestly, I just want all the Eddie Guerrero merch I can find. His prime was a time where I never had any purchasing power, and I always thought his merch was great. “I’m Your Papi” is forever a legendary t-shirt. (There is an Eddie/Vickie line on ProWrestlingTees.com, but it’s mostly derivatives of the original designs. No. I want the real thing.)

    Stan: I feel like we should have written this weeks ago so the ladies in our lives could have found a way align their gifts with the wrestlers whose shirts we like. But, hey, how can I complain after getting this?

    Lulu not included.
    That being said, tops on my list is the Eddie Guerrero Latino Heat shirt in the style of the Scarface poster. That’s the one wrestling shirt I regret not buying the most. It’s also probably the only shirt celebrating Eddie as the WWE Champion. Hell, between No Way Out 2004 and WrestleMania XX, he was still wearing stock WrestleMania XX shirts!


    I actually found this shirt at Toudoukan, the wrestling store near the Tokyo Dome, but couldn’t find one in my size. I did mark out when I saw the shirt in real life, though.

    Sticking to my Eddie Guerrero fandom, if WWE ever reproduced the “I’m Your Papi” shirt, that would be an insta-buy, too.


    I actually have this shirt, and I still wear it every now and then. The problem is that it’s too tight for me now that I’m 30 pounds heavier and a few inches taller than my 16-year-old self.

    Eddie didn’t have a lot of good shirts, but the “I’m Your Papi” shirt was simple and just so likable. It worked whether he was the crazy, sadistic heel or the likable comic face he ended up becoming again towards his last days.

    And my final pick would be this oldie, but goodie from the Doctor of Thuganomics:


    Yes, kids. There was a time when I, too, was a loud and proud John Cena fan. It’s amazing how Cena took what was supposed to be a one-off joke time gimmick and turned it into one of the most memorable gimmicks of the 2000s.

    Plus, I’d love to have a reminder of the time when Cena was liked by everyone. You know, before he became the Franchise Player.

    MDJ: WCW wasn't particularly known for great merchandise. Seriously, apart from the nWo shirt, can you name even one decent shirt? 

    Here's one exception though from the only man swaggadocious enough to declare himself as the owner of Monday nights, Chris Jericho. Before he jumped ship to declare RAW! IS! JERICHO!, the flamboyant glam rock wannabe was turning heads with his gloriously kitschy Monday Nitro shirt, hijacking the classic WCW Monday Nitro logo with a fluorescent Day-Glo color scheme that wouldn't have looked out of place on the cover of an 80s L.A. hair band. 

    This is one shirt that Little MDJ wanted badly in his younger wannabe rocker days, and badly deserves to be sold once again on WWE Shop with matching acid-washed jeans and a neon green bandana.

    Jericho was always the most obnoxious, self-centered prima donna in every promotion he's been in, and this shirt captures that spirit so perfectly. Forget his Christmas light jacket; if you wanna rock all night like Y2J,  this is the swag you're looking for.

    Jocs: Given the chance, i’d love to get the Cena 8-bit shirt. That was a fun shirt that wasn’t in a blinding color from a man notorious for churning out merch that’s practically unwearable for anyone above the age of 8. cena 8-bit.jpg

    I also dig this particular Edge shirt. It has that B-movie poster vibe and a little wear and tear on this baby is just going to make it a really cool vintage looking shirt.



    Are there any shirts from the distant or not-so-distant past that you'd love to have on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments section, and who knows, maybe Santa just might sneak it in your stocking tonight! Merry Christmas!

    Photos from Uproxx and various eBay resellers.
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