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    Wednesday, December 16, 2015

    The Wrestling World Reacts to Roman Reigns as WWE Champion

    Forget the boos when Roman Reigns won the 2015 Royal Rumble earlier this year, forget his five-minute WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign at Survivor Series last month, forget sufferin' succotash (if you can), it looks like the Roman Empire is finally truly in place.

    Okay, fine, Roman looks okay as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. 

    Love him or hate him (and we have to admit that here at the Smark Henry offices, we're still on the fence—even if we did give RAW an "A"  grade this week), the WWE Universe is abuzz after Reigns successfully reclaimed the most prized title in the pro wrestling world.

    The WWE clearly pulled out all the stops in overbooking the finish to hell—the seeds of a McMahon Family Screwjob, a career-jeopardizing stipulation, an evil heel stable run-in, a finisher kickout, and a Superman Punch Fiesta all around that dropped Vince himself—but it got the desired reaction from the same Philadelphia crowd that booed Roman Reigns out of the building during his Rumble win. Heck, we're even hearing that this week's TV ratings are up by 27% to 3.9 million households.

    And in true 2015 fashion, the rest the wrestling world is all agog, taking to Twitter to broadcast their reactions.

    Let's start with the Big Dog himself, who sounds pleased as punch at winning over the notoriously tough Philly crowd.

    The newly-deposed Sheamus sounds like he's in denial after seeing his admittedly lukewarm reign come to an abrupt close.

    The recuperating Seth Rollins warns Reigns not to get too comfortable with his belt—to which Roman responds with some good ol' sonnin'.

    Jimmy and Jey Uso are expectedly ecstatic over their Family stablemate's conquest.

    WWE interviewer Renée Young is highly complimentary over her main squeeze Dean Ambrose's running buddy climbing to the top of the wrestling world.

    Mr. Jennifer Hudson himself, David Otunga, is philosophical in his praise, pointing out how Reigns successfully won over the tough Philly crowd.

    Mick Foley, who has been hyper-critical of the product as of late, had some kind words for both Reigns and Sheamus after their main event battle.

    And for what it's worth, even Vince Russo thinks it was a great move putting the belt on Roman.

    Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer seemed a bit cool to Reigns' victory, but did take the opportunity to point out that the WWE seemingly gave away the ending by announcing early on that Roman would be guesting on ESPN the next night, even before we actually saw him regain the gold.

    We'll be looking forward to the storyline fall-out in the coming days, especially since Stone Cold Roman Reigns seems to have started a war with the entire McMahon family—as if the League of Nations wasn't enough opposition already!

    Triple H is going to have something to say after taking a Roman powerbomb through a table at TLC

    And let's not forget the state Stephanie McMahon left his face in after she went to town on it with a slapfest.

    Is it just us, or mukhang may #hugot si Steph? 

    Did we miss anything? What have you got to say about Roman Reigns becoming king of wrestling for real this time? Hit us up in the comments section, Henrititos!
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