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    Monday, December 28, 2015

    The Grapevine (12/28/15): Heavy Racks

    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the Grapevine! This is our daily post rounding up all the interesting rumors from the wild, wild world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the weekend.

    We've been out over the holidays, but we're back:

    • Nikki Bella's Rack Attack may be causing her current neck problems. Sources close to Nikki confided that the day after her appearance at the Slammies, she visited her neurologist for re-evaluation only to be told that the bulging discs in her neck were showing no significant improvement. Another seven weeks of therapy were recommended, after which another MRI will be taken. If no progress is revealed at this point, then the Queen Bee of Team Bella will have no choice but to discuss surgical options to get her neck fixed. (Source: Pro Wrestling Sheet)

    We say: If that's true, then it's a damn shame. We think that the Rack Attack is one of the more unique and dominant finishers in the division, with Nikki's powerhouse style making her stand out. 100+ pounds crashing on your neck five nights a week is no joke, however, and we hope Nikki comes out okay after all this. We can worry about a finisher later.

    • In some Lucha Underground news, Hernandez is now suing the show for fostering an "unsafe working environment." Hernandez left the show last summer and lost his subsequent job at TNA because the latter hadn't made sure he was officially done with LU. (Source: WON)

    We say: Hernandez has never really looked professional in any of this, has he? Take note that he filed this claim after he had to leave TNA.

    • In other LU news, Ultima Lucha 2 is scheduled to tape on January 31. Meanwhile, Konnan is unsure to return to the show, despite still being under contract. He apparently hasn't been used in any of the tapings yet, and it's not clear whether he will still be used. (Source: WON)

    We say: Regarding the Ultima Lucha taping, that's pretty interesting—that means the second season of the show is going to run much shorter than we expect it to if they're already taping it after two months. As for Konnan, that's strange; there's an underlying storyline between himself and Prince Puma that still needs to be resolved, and it would be such a shame if it wasn't.

    What do you think? Does Nikki Bella need a new finisher? Let us know what you think in the comments!

    Photo from WWE
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