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    Wednesday, December 16, 2015

    Finn Bálor: 'Main Roster Would Be Detrimental To My Career'

    In a world where top Superstars are dropping like flies with various injuries, major stars are talking retirement, and TV ratings are slumping to alarming lows, it's easy to point to the emerging talents of NXT as potential saviors for the WWE.

    Reigning NXT Champion Finn Bálor knows this all too well as a frequent mention for calling up to the main roster by fans who believe that WWE's developmental promotion is the gold standard by which the WWE should be run.

    I really believe that what we’re doing here in the [WWE] Performance Center [and] what we’re doing with NXT is something that’s going to be remembered for years. I feel like to get quote, unquote called up to the main roster would be, maybe, like a step back for my career right [now]. Obviously, instant gratification, you get called up to the main roster, that’s great, but I think what we’re doing here in NXT will stand longer in history as kind of like a revolutionary period and to kind of pull myself out of that would be detrimental to my career in the long term.

    WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Triple H seems to hold a similar view as well, stating the following reason in a separate interview as to why sending Bálor up as a band-aid solution isn't in the cards.  

    The thing that I hate doing is, ‘Well, there’s a lot of injuries right now, so we’re going to pull this guy up,’ but then the injured guys will come back and then we’re not sure what we’ll do—now we have too many guys for the space. 
    I hate taking a guy as talented as Finn Bálor and saying, ‘You’re the band-aid to hold us over until all these other guys come back and then we’ll see from there.’ If we don’t have that gameplan for when we call these guys up, especially for a Finn Bálor, then it’s not the right time. You need to have something in your mind, and hopefully a long-term plan in place that gets them to where you want them to be. At least that would be the goal for me when guys come up.
    Looks like the WWE is being prudent for once, and keeping their eye on the long haul. That would certainly be a turnaround from the typical panic-booking that strikes whenever TV ratings and fan approval hit a sticking point. 

    Do you think Bálor and Triple H are right in holding off a demotion promotion to the main roster? Or do you think this is the right time for a new challenger like the popular IWC darling to grab the brass ring? Leave us your thoughts below! 
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