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    Friday, December 18, 2015

    #FinisherFriday (12/18/15): The Trademark Vinny Rub

    Heya, Henrinites!

    We are fast approaching to the end of the 2015! And as evidenced by the insane metro gridlock, ill-timed typhoons, as well as cute Christmas parties, and early office shutdowns. you can only expect the extremes in this season.

    And we ain't talking this extreme..

    But it means that it is also crunch time, a time to put all your cards on the table. In this case, WWE cashed in its ace by rocking wrestling world by letting Roman Reigns finally succeed in his chase for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on this week's RAW.

    Fresh from the carnage of the previous night's TLC PPV on the then-champ Sheamus and the Chief Operating Officer Triple H, the wrestling and sporting world was tuned in to see the backlash on Roman's alleged heinous actions.

    And the 'E delivered by bringing on out the chairman himself, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, booking a win or go home title match between Reigns and Sheamus. Of course, if Roman doesn't win the title, let's just say you know what they say when Mr. McMahon joins the roast.

    Your Fries!
    Rarely does Vince make himself part of WWE TV, with the last being in last year's Survivor Series slobberknocker between Team Cena and Team Authority. Everyone knows that when he does get involved, it means that it will be a doozy.

    Say all you want to VKM about being out of touch, but all he needed was to leave his fingerprints all over this one. And this isn't the only time he has been part in a championship storyline, much less take the brunt of the affected wrestlers' finishers just to give his appointed star the good ol' rub. Let's look at a few of the moves that Vinny Mac took to reign in all the chips on the table.

    Pedigree from Triple H

    It was February 11, 2002 on Monday Night RAW when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon would renew their vows.

    With Triple H fresh from injury and a Royal Rumble win, he was all but set to be the banner man the company needed as he would face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania X8. But to build up Triple H further and to create a storyline "befitting" WWE TV, he was needed to step on the McMahon name by turning his back on Steph and Pedigree-ing the proud daddy.

    Let's just say that there would be great unease the next time the power couple renews their vows.

    Punt to the Head from Randy Orton

    Again another fresh from injury storyline, Randy Orton was poised to be the venomous heel that he is. After forming the Legacy and ending the feud with Evolution, the Viper set his eyes on the McMahon family. Not only did Orton punt Vince's head into the end zone, he did the same to his offspring.

    Randy then went on to win the Rumble that year and be the wrestler he wanted himself to be.

    Sharpshooter from Bret Hart

    For everyone that lived out that era of the Montreal Screwjob, this is the most salivating of the list. 2010 served as the year where this hatchet was buried on the grandest stage of them all. For a match that was 13 years in the making, revenge is still as sweet.

    Man, did Bret take his time.

    Stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Do we need to elaborate? 

    The biggest and greatest feud the wrestling industry has ever had between two of the best men who ever graced the ring. This was the first out of a million other Stunners that Vinny Mac received in his lifetime. Good times.


    What's your favourite moment when Vince McMahon ate someone's finisher? Did we miss out on a sentimental favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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