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    Sunday, November 8, 2015

    Lana's Road to Recovery: How's She Doing?

    "The Ravishing Russian" Lana is a sentimental favorite here at the Smark Henry offices, and we've been religiously following news and updates ever since she broke her wrist a couple of months back.

    We're now at the halfway point of her recovery, and could just be weeks from her on-screen return to the WWE.

    She clearly was not a happy camper over needing surgery to begin with.

    Thank God she's such an Instagram addict, so we all knew she was fine after the procedure.

    And she's never been a woman who's shy about the scars she bears in life.

    Broken wrist or not, she never let her cast get in the way of being the world's most ravishing Marvel nerd.

    That is, however, one big-ass cast.

    No wonder she was so thrilled to finally get her cast off.

    She's still been wearing a wrist brace to stabilize her bones as they heal, however.

    At times, it seemed like the psychological burden was harder on Lana than the broken wrist itself.

    At least it gave her the opportunity to nurture her passion for writing. Will we be seeing her book, TV pilot, movie, or comic book collaboration any time soon?

    But today, it looks like Lana is making great strides forward in her recovery; her post-surgical wound has healed nicely, with minimal swelling in her wrist.

    Based on what she's saying, it appears as if she's cleared to begin with strength and mobility exercises, which is a positive sign as to how well Lana's wrist has been healing. Severe fractures generally don't allow for exercise until at least six months after the injury, and may be a sign of osteoporosis in women.

    We can't wait to see her back on WWE programming, especially with her real-life fiancΓ© Rusev anticipated to be back from his own bicep injury some time this month—possibly even in time for Survivor Series.

    The two have been popularly-acclaimed as the best couple in wrestling since the heyday of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Here's hoping we see the two pairing up again in a top-flight WWE storyline in the coming months; with Seth Rollins sidelined by injury, the company needs as many top heels as it can get.

    What kind of return would you like to see Lana make in the WWE? Leave your suggestions below, Henrinites.

    All photos are from WWE. 
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