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    Wednesday, November 11, 2015

    #WTFWednesday: Dead Wrestler Beach

    Rather than the usual head-scratching content #WTFWednesdays give, today's entry is a little more lighthearted:

    This animated video from the Youtube channel Animation Domination High-Def has been making the rounds across the IWC lately, and why not? It's a damn good video!

    Let's be honest — when you saw the video was titled Dead Wrestler Beach, you probably braced yourself for some Paul Walker-esque feels. Instead, the video manages to highlight all our favorite deceased wrestlers without making it seem like a joke. All our long-gone favorites are here — the likes of Macho Man, Eddie Guerrero, Warrior, Mr. Perfect, Piper and Dusty Rhodes all make appearances doing some fun beach activities. The guys behind it also made sure to include the less-popular ones, and seeing guys like Test and Umaga was a cool surprise.    

    The song also makes reference to, uh, something about this guy:

    I felt kinda awkward around Chris Benoit... wait, what?

    What did you guys think of the song? Let us know in the comments!
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