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    Thursday, November 26, 2015

    The Grapevine (11/26/15): He's Got Bone Chips In His Neck, He's Very Hurt, We Understand

    Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Grapevine, where we round up the (technically unconfirmed) rumors from the wild world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

    It's been a very interesting 24 hours, starting with this unfortunate injury update:

    • It turns out that Randy Orton will require neck surgery after he recovers from his present shoulder injury. The good thing is that the neck surgery will just be to clean out bone chips in his neck, which isn't as serious a procedure as the shoulder surgery. Orton will need another three to six months after that neck surgery, which he will not have until he's recovered from the shoulder surgery. (Source: WON)

    We say: Damn, Orton's slowly becoming like the worst-kept bodies of his generation. If he comes back for one more run, we wouldn't be surprised if it's his last. Get well soon, Randy.

    • Brad Maddox has been released from the WWE, apparently from a promo he cut before a dark match. In his promo, he called the Indianapolis Colts NFL team "cocky pricks," which was reportedly the reason for his release. (Source: PWInsider)

    We say: Umm... what? All right, it does seem petty, but it also looks like it was a case of Creative not only having nothing for him, but not wanting to have anything to do with him and someone higher up looking for a reason to let him go. Sounds like ol' Brad had a lot more heat backstage than we thought.

    • Regarding internal WrestleMania Star plans, it seems that Seth Rollins vs. Triple H was never a real consideration for the card. This comes after the latest word on plans was Triple H/The Rock, but since the latter now has filming obligations at around that time, Triple H is currently left without an opponent. Rollins/Triple H could still be a feud for somewhere down the line when Rollins returns. Meanwhile, Sting isn't penciled in for any plans, but that doesn't mean he won't be there. The plan for Undertaker still remains a match with John Cena. (Source: PWInsider)

    We say: No real news here. At this point, after Survivor Series went down the way it did, consider everything about WrestleMania a red herring. (We're just hoping the planned main event isn't Sheamus vs. Roman.)

    • There are a lot of high hopes on the former La Sombra to become a big star in the WWE. The luchador formally known as Manuel Oropeza gave his notice to CMLL back in August, and several sources have considered him a great pickup by the WWE. He's said to not only be good at what he does, but to have good character as well, meaning he'll most likely avoid rubbing people the wrong way backstage. At this point, he may or may not wear a mask at NXT, but the feeling is that he has more charisma without it. He's reported to have the potential to be that next Latino star the WWE's been looking for. (Source: F4WOnline)

    We say: Honestly, we can't wait for him to do what he does down at Full Sail—although if he doesn't get the momentum he deserves, we'll blame it on Vince. Hell, look at what they're doing to Kalisto, Sin Cara, and Alberto del Rio; while they are getting nice runs on their own right now, it seems like a half-hearted effort. Oropeza does have something they can use: that telenovela bida look people can get behind.

    • Speaking of NXT signees, there are apparently a few WWE talents trying to get indy tag team reDRagon signed. Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly are still negotiating new contracts with ROH, but those talks reportedly stalled recently. (Source: WON)

    We say: There's a bigger chance for them to actually make it to NXT than most of the indy names mentioned in the Grapevine over the past couple of months. We'll also be excited to see that.

    What do you think? What's your dream WrestleMania card, with all the cards that have been played at this point? Do you think La Sombra will be the next Eddie-like Latino superstar? Let us know what you think in the comments!

    Photo from WWE
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