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    Tuesday, November 10, 2015

    The Grapevine (11/10/15): CM Punk Documentary, Some ADR-AAA Updates, Balor Getting The Undertaker's Rub?

    Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Grapevine, where we round up the (technically unconfirmed) rumors from the wild world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the weekend.

    • WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio will not be returning to AAA to drop their Mega Heavyweight Title. AAA's Dorian Roldan stated today that while Del Rio would have liked to drop the title, his WWE contract won't allow it and he's not coming back to AAA. AAA will be crowning a new champion with a tournament next month. (Source: F4Wonline)

    We say: Is there really any other way this saga could have ended? Del Rio has publicly been playing the good guy card, supposedly returning for at least one more date to drop the strap, if we believe what company brass has been saying in interviews. But at the same time, we knew there was no way the WWE would allow one of its reigning champions—the same one who recently beat John Cena in his return, no less—to take an in-ring defeat in a rival promotion. At least AAA gets the benefit and excitement over having a tournament of its own to crown a new champion, but we do have to wonder, with world championship tournaments already ongoing with both WWE and TNA, could wrestling fans be getting bored with the format?

    • FOX Sports is currently working on a documentary-style series about CM Punk. The series about the former WWE champion will supposedly air on FOX Sports 1. CM Punk's final appearance in WWE was at the Royal Rumble in January, 2014. The series will profile CM Punk training to become an MMA fighter, and recovering from his shoulder injury that set back his UFC debut. Punk is currently looking at Spring 2016 for his first fight. There's no word on who his opponent will be, or when the docu-series will air. (Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

    We say: We do miss seeing CM Punk on our screens, and were heartbroken over the injury that meant we wouldn't get to see him make his debut in the Octagon this year. Punk has been famously negative over his WWE experience in interviews conducted over the past year, even to the extent of sneering at the fakeness of the sport. We doubt he'll be able to resist the opportunity to throw some shade the WWE's way on this one; this is the dude who made the pipebomb famous, after all.

    • It looks like Bellator MMA is trying to match up two former pro wrestling stars in a fight next year. Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle mentioned at Friday’s Bellator 145 event that he may step into the cage with Ken Shamrock should he win his fight against Royce Gracie at Bellator 149 in February. “I’m not gonna tease everybody but there’s a possibility,” said Angle. “We’ll see… but I’m getting my feet wet here in Bellator and having a good time. I’m gonna sit back for once in my life, relax and watch and eventually I’ll make that decision.” Angle has indicated that he won’t renew his TNA contract when it expires early next year. At 46 years old and with a history of serious injuries, it’s unlikely Angle will have a lengthy run inside the cage if he does choose to fight. (Source: Lords of Pain)

    We say: We applaud anyone who goes for their dream, but Kurt Angle needs to close the book once and for all on these endless teases over getting into MMA. We all know the man won an Olympic gold meal with a broken frickin' neck (it's true, it's true), but injuries and age may make stepping into a real fight with the once-upon-a-time Most Dangerous Man In The World extremely unwise.

    • Brothers of Destruction + Finn Balor? A fan who attended Friday's WWE NXT panel in London just sent word that NXT Champion Finn Balor teased he might help Kane and The Undertaker battle The Wyatt Family at WWE Survivor Series. This should be taken strictly as a rumor for now as Balor may have been joking around. (Source: Wrestling Inc.)

    We say: We love the thought of Finn Balor being the one to get the rub from The Undertaker at this year's Survivor Series as the Dead Man approaches the close of his career. Survivor Series, if you'll recall, is where the legend made his debut 25 years ago, and would be a nice, symbolic pass-the-torch kind of gesture to the red-hot NXT Champion. Having Balor in the match automatically ups the potential intensity level of the actual contest—how freaking awesome would he be going up against Braun Strowman, for example?—but more importantly, it would be like the WWE's greatest hits collection of the best ring entrances in the company today. Can you imagine consecutive entrances for the Wyatts, Undertaker, Kane, and Balor all in one go? We can, and our jocks are getting uncomfortably tight at the thought of it.


    What do you think, fellow smarks? Are you hoping that the Undertaker actually passes the torch to Finn Balor at Survivor Series, or could it all just be a casual joke by the NXT Champion? Do you agree with the WWE holding Alberto Del Rio from dropping the AAA Mega Championship in a match? Let us know your thoughts below!
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