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    Thursday, November 5, 2015

    OFFICIAL: Sebastian-Imabayashi III Locked for PWR Live

    One of the most personal blood feuds in the Philippine Wrestling Revolution will be coming to an epic finish at PWR Live.

    Nearly two months after the actions of the Royal Flush's John Sebastian at Renaissance cost the fiery half-Filipino, half-Japanese Sensation Ralph Imabayashi the opportunity to reign as the first-ever PHX Champion, the two will be butting heads for the third time in their storied rivalry.

    The two first faced off at Vendetta back in February, when a newly-debuting Imabayashi upset the cocky Sebastian in an entertaining match with a surprise Sonic Crusher, his take on Randy Orton's famed RKO.

    Sebastian revealed his true colors to the PWR faithful immediately after the match, at first seeming to accept a sporting handshake and raise his foe's arm in victory, only to level him with a treacherous lariat to the throat followed by a thunderous reverse DDT.

    Three months later at Wrevolution X, Sebastian would get his revenge by handing Imabayashi his first career defeat in a hard-hitting battle, sporting a new vicious side to pick up the three-count with a skull-crushing Killshot, his devastating finisher consisting of a running knee to a weakened opponent's temple.

    With a 1-1 head-to-head record against each other, Imabayashi was more than happy to leave their rivalry at that, accepting the two men as equals to each other. But after surviving a bruising semifinal match against the talented Peter Versoza to make it to the PHX Championship Finals against Ken Warren, he believes that the Asshole from Ayala Alabang's interference was robbery of the worst kind, going onto social media to demand a match against Sebastian from PWR General Manager Mr. Sy to finally put closure to their story.

    I do not care what Mr.Sy has for me. I do not want a PHX Championship rematch. I have some unfinished business with...
    Posted by Ralph Imabayashi - PWR on Saturday, 26 September 2015

    And so it's official. Mr. Sy has just announced that the two fiery talents will be squaring off in a rubber match at PWR Live on November 21st.
    Our Analysis

    Both men are two of the most gifted talents to have come up through PWR's Boot Camp program, each bringing a different flavor to the company's roster of competition.

    Ralph Imabayashi may be the smallest wrestler in the company, but he is fearless in the ring, dazzling his opponents with his surprising strength. In fact, one of the highlights at PWR Live was when he lifted the meaty Versoza into his version of Shellshocked, the trademark finisher of the WWE's resident powerhouse, Ryback. And of course, his swift and devastating Sonic Crusher has made its mark felt on multiple occasions, feeding him victory at each instance.

    John Sebastian meanwhile has improved by leaps and bounds ever since the Royal Flush led by PWR Heavyweight Champion "Classical" Bryan Lean took him under its wing. He has yet to taste defeat since joining their fold, racking up three straight wins—a run that includes two consecutive career-making wins against the rugged Bombay Suarez. His strong-style-inspired offense is a sight to behold, and there aren't many finishers in PWR feared more than his Killshot.

    This will be tightly-contested match, with the speed and agility of Imabayashi seeming like an equalizing factor against the more brutish Sebastian, the man who claimed the #3 spot in our Smark Henry Smarkometrics Power Rankings. But the Royal Flush's Jack of all Trades seems to be at his best when the stakes are high—and the opportunity to close the chapter on the man he derisively calls "Half" Imabayashi are probably the highest personal stakes Sebastian has ever fought for.

    We're calling a resounding win for John Sebastian, but Ralph Imabayashi will dazzle in defeat.

    What do you think, Revo-nation? Do you agree with our prediction, or do you think Imabayashi will surprise Sebastian once again, just like he did at Vendetta? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below, and we'll see you all at PWR Live!


    PWR Live will be on November 21, Saturday, at the Makati Square Arena. Gates open at 6 p.m. with bell time at 7 p.m. Ticket prices and availability will be announced very soon on the Philippine Wrestling Revolution's Facebook page.

    For more details, sign up for the official event page here.

    Photos taken by Hub Pacheco.

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