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    Wednesday, October 14, 2015

    Sucks To Be Seth

    The –ber months haven’t been kind to Seth Rollins.

    After that dubious loss to Kane in a Lumberjack Match on yesterday's episode of RAW, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion is now on an eleven-match losing streak, according to our good buddies at the Internet Wrestling Database. The self-proclaimed future of the wrestling industry has lost 16 out of 17 overall, with his only victory being his title defense against Sting at Night of Champions.

    Original photo by Mr. Kupy
    Let that simmer for a bit. It's been nearly a month since Seth Rollins has had his hand raised in victory. John Cena has been the biggest thorn in the champion's side, having picked up seven wins over Rollins in this span, with Kane, Dean Ambrose, and the Dudleys having had their way with him as well over the past weeks.

    Even more shockingly, this isn’t even Seth Rollins' worst losing streak ever as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Did you know that from May 18, 2015 to June 9, 2015, he lost 14 straight matches, including an ignoble loss to J&J Security and a string of cheap DQs? That's got to be a first; we can't think of any other modern-day World Champion who's had to suffer through TWO double-digit losing streaks.

    Going through the statistics, it shocks us even more that a man with as high-profile a role as Rollins has, both as a singles star and as a member of the Shield, in the WWE, he has an all-time winning rate of just 32.3%, having lost nearly 400 matches in the company thus far.

    And the percentages have only been mildly kinder to him throughout his championship reign. He may be the longest-reigning champion to have claimed the strap via a Money In The Bank cash-in, but ever since WrestleMania, when he outsmarted both Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship, he’s won 41 matches.

    Sounds good, right?

    Unfortunately, the problem is, he’s lost 67 matches over that span, good for a pitiful 38.0% winning percentage ever since he assumed lordship over the WWE, with both Randy Orton and John Cena having claimed the most wins over Rollins during his reign.

    Nobody is more tired of the #FROMOUTTANOWHERE meme than Seth Rollins.
    Remember when everyone was so incensed over how badly booked Rey Mysterio was as champion during his 2006 run? People were furious over the way he was losing cleanly to such Superstars as The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Finlay, and Rob Van Dam in non-title matches.

    At least during his three-month reign, he won 11 times and lost just 7, good enough for a 61.1% winning rate—still a respectable winning rate for an upper-tier WWE talent.

    We know that wins and losses don't carry a lot of weight in the comic world of pro wrestling, but they do go a long way in shaping how a wrestler is perceived. People say this is classic Southern-style booking, where such heels as The Honky Tonk Man or Ric Flair deliberately get booked to be vulnerable champions, consistently losing in non-title matches to get people to believe they're always on the cusp of losing their gold, only to win when it counts. And we get that Seth Rollins does win the big matches when the chips are down—hey, to be entirely fair, he's been WWE World Heavyweight Champion nearly seven months now—but it sucks that a talent as awesome as he is gets his ass owned repeatedly by less-talented dudes.

    Let's wish for brighter days for Seth Rollins. The WWE deserves to have its king treated like one.
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