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    Saturday, October 24, 2015

    SmackDown RunDown (10/22/15): Everyone's Ready For Hell In A Cell

    Are you excited for Hell in a Cell? Don’t worry, SmackDown will send you home packing. Welcome to another edition of SmackDown Rundown! This week, the ball kept on rolling as the Blue Brand hyped everyone up for this Sunday’s big event that doesn’t involve a dubsmashing young lady. Let’s get down to it!

    The Battle of Two-Thirds Sends Everyone Home

    This week’s edition of SmackDown featured a tag team main event (surprise, surprise) that pits remnants of the Shield against two-thirds of My Little New Day sans Xavier Woods. No complaints here, just your grade-A SmackDown-style kind of match. New Day clearly lost its edge with Woods temporarily out as Reigns and Ambrose dominated the match. Kingston and E tried to make a run for it but Team 3D stopped by and made sure the unicorns stayed in the match. Fun spots all around. Reigns catching Kingston with a Superman Punch is the spot of the night. That looked sick as hell.

    The cameras couldn't even capture that spot properly.

    Bray Wyatt then came out of the ‘tron to deliver his final threat to his cellmate on Sunday. I have nothing else to say for this rivalry. Everyone’s set to fight. After Sunday, we’ll see both men go their separate ways. Maybe an InterContinental title chase for Reigns?

    Prince Pretty Has Arrived on SmackDown

    It’s true, you guys. Tyler Breeze has arrived on Thursday nights and he gets to keep his gimmick. No tweaks, more aggression. He made his entrance in this week’s Miz TV segment featuring everyone’s favorite doormat Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae Jepsen. When they first announced the Ziggler-Rae segment on RAW, I thought we’d witness another love story unfold. Boy, was I wrong. Breeze sure knows how to make an entrance.

    They make a great stable amirite?

    The Miz segment was boring, to say the least, and I’m glad it wasn’t just a Ziggler-Rae affair. Ziggler’s interaction with the Miz was kind of awkward. Summer then came out and Ziggler quickly turned down the young lady. She then introduced Breeze as her new boyfriend to a decent reception from the audience. He cut a little promo to introduce himself to the world and then proceeded to beat down Ziggler. Not the first time I saw Ziggler get beaten down, I’ll tell you. Just turn him heel already.

    A Good Way to Start Your Thursday Night

    How do you open a wrestling show? How about making your world champion face the “boring” guy? That’s exactly what they did this week as HBK 2.0 Seth Rollins faced “Mr. Uppercut” Cesaro in a non-title match. Fresh from Monday’s awesome Shield reunion, Rollins is set to prove he’s the man by conquering the man Corporate Kane booked to face him. This is not a bad way to start SmackDown.

    Who can say no to an Avada Kedavra? Cesaro. Cesaro says no.

    Cesaro continues to prove he can hang in the big leagues and this week is no different. Rollins didn’t disappoint either. I didn’t know Cesaro is now adding the crossface to his arsenal, which suits him well. Despite Cesaro’s impressive effort, the champ still got Cesaro with a Pedigree to get the victory. This match would be 10 times more awesome if Rollins hit Cesaro with a Curb Stomp to the mat. I miss that move so much.

    And I don’t mind sitting in the Stardust Section.

    Stardust is impressed. Your argument is valid.

    The Friction the Divas Actually Need

    Here’s a shocking, almost sarcastic statement: This week featured an OK Divas segment. Paige came out and addressed Natalya’s attack from last week to those who actually care. Charlotte and Becky Lynch then came out and made Paige feel bad about herself. Charlotte came out strong in this segment and it actually created friction between her and Paige. That should’ve been the focus here, right? The Bellas then interrupted the Pretty Little Liars episode and slapped some verbal offense on the feuding trio. You’re right, Nikki. Boo hoo indeed.

    Now I actually know you’re the champion.

    And here’s another shocking statement: Paige vs Nikki Bella was OK in my book. Nikki’s cunning and Paige’s resilience were blended well into the match. In the end, Nikki connected with the Rack Attack for the pin. The Divas match on Sunday now has some added drama to it. Let’s just wait for WWE to bring back the Women’s tag titles and every Diva on the roster can now be well-utilized.

    Un-Americans and a Bomerican

    A SmackDown episode won’t be complete without a tag match and a squash match, don’t you think? This week, The Great White Paintbrush Sheamus and Mr. Bull Hammer King Barrett laid waste to the Lucha Dragons in a fun tag match that sold the kick-off team of Sheamus, Barrett, and Rusev as a formidable team. I guess we have an Un-American 2.0 stable after all. Rusev was the missing piece. Go figure.

    It’s the Age of Freebirds, you guys.

    This week’s job of the week goes to the All-Bomerican Bo Dallas as he faced Ryback in a losing effort. I have nothing for this match, really. It was just there. I’m glad Kevin Owens was backstage watching the match and Renee Young was also there. How convenient. Owens cut a promo that shed more light on the Intercontinental Champion. A determined Owens is an aggressive Owens, and on Sunday, he’s gonna whoop Ryback’s ass.

    “I am a real Bomerican…Fight for the rights of every man…”

    SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: This week’s SmackDown has been a good effort to finally hype up the show on Sunday for the last time. Surprisingly, the whole hour was utilized well, no filler promos and vignettes in sight. They actually booked good matches and delivered good promos. I’ll give this episode another solid B for their efforts. See you allin hell!

    • I can’t wait to play a WWE game that has a selfie stick as a weapon.
    • The Miz is now apparently an ambassador of some sorts. Does this mean he won’t wrestle again?
    • Dean Ambrose is ready to take the United States title away from Cena. Enjoy your vacation, Johnny!
    • If Breeze and Fandango form a tag team, they’d be the Ballroom Brawlers.

    Did you enjoy this week’s SmackDown? Who’s ready to go to hell? Let me know down the comments below. Together, let’s watch the action at the Stardust Section! Who’s with me?


    Ricky Jay Publico is a wrestling fan who enjoys watching high flyers and brawlers battle it out in the ring. A known Botchamania binge-watcher, he claims to have memorized the chronological order of Royal Rumble winners, but fails to remember who won in 2004. He writes stories about life and nonsense.

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