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    Sunday, October 18, 2015

    SmackDown Rundown (10/15/15): The Blue Brand is Back on Track

    After a lackluster offering last week, this episode of SmackDown went back on track as it delivers fun matches and developed storytelling. I’m still Ricky, the unintentional voice of reason on Thursday nights. So how did the blue brand do this week? Let’s get down to it.

    When The Fringe Stopped By Dudleyville

    This week’s main event pits the red hot New Day against the hometown hero Dean Ambrose and Team 3D who had little momentum going in Hell in a Cell. The match is your standard fun 6-man tag kind of match you only see on SmackDown, you’d think Teddy Long booked it. Everyone got their chance to shine and let loose at the same time. Dean Ambrose set the place on fire as the hometown crowd was behind his every spot. Every Thursday Night should be this fun. I really hope everyone in the WWE is taking notes.

    I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Dudleyville, Kofi!
    Dean and his crew got a DQ win, which was weird at first. I thought they’d let the hometown hero win since they are prepping Dean Ambrose to take Cena’s spotlight, but letting the New Day whoop their asses was a good move. Seeing Xavier’s busted nose suddenly added an aggressive tone to their post-match beatdown. The New Day is on their way to the top, and there’s no one in sight willing to hinder them for at least a bit. Everyone better watch out. A new day will rise.

    Ziggler’s Finally Free! ...Or Is He?

    I thought the Rusev-Summer segment on this week’s RAW was the last page of this mess, but I guess it has to officially end somewhere. Good thing it’s on SmackDown and it’s a fun match between Ruru and everyone’s favorite salesman, Dolph Ziggler. Having Summer Rae as guest referee pretty much screams the outcome, but it was still a good match. Ziggler and Rusev gave a good performance for old time’s sake, and with the help of Summer, Ziggler gets the final victory over his Bulgarian rival. Man, a Ziggler win is such a rarity these days. Finally, this whole love quadrangle of an angle is done.

    C’mon guys, let’s just move on with our lives.
    Or is it? The post-match made me doubt that a bit. It’s almost like a Ziggler-Summer saga tease. I hope I’m just overthinking. Ziggy should be nowhere near any Diva and should be in line in taking John Cena’s U.S. title. Eyes on the price, Dolph. Don’t waste this ticket to go chase the gold. Meanwhile, Rusev and Lana can now reign as WWE’s new power couple. Move over, Steph and Hunter.

    A Lesson Learned A Little Too Late

    He’s a badass. Let him be a badass.
    After delivering one of the most awkward promos ever on RAW, Roman Reigns bounced back on SmackDown with a squash win over Bo Dallas, Suplex City Survivor. After a very impressive win (that clothesline was sick), he was given a mic. He then proceeded to deliver a short-yet-still-too-long promo, and it wasn’t that bad. It was actually OK at best. I think the creative finally learned their lesson, albeit not fully. Roman Reigns: Less words, more awesomeness. Now he’s a bit more intimidating coming Hell in a Cell. It’s simple, really. Just let the guy be a badass. Bray Wyatt responded with a quick husky rhetoric. Now everyone’s ready for Hell in a Cell. See how easy that was?

    A King and An Irishman Stepped in a Ring…

    The King of Bull Hammers and The Great White Paintbrush faced Antonio “Close, But No Cigar” Cesaro and Khaleesi Neville in a rematch from RAW. Now is it just me or should these four men forma stable? The Un-Americans 2.0 perhaps? Anyway, this match will answer the question “Is Cesaro boring?” Take note, Vinnie Mac. Cesaro put on a show as he showcase both his athleticism and his monstrous stamina. He’s like the Oprah of uppercuts.

    Uppercut for you, uppercut for you, uppercuts for everybody!
    Despite doing all the leg work, Cesaro and Neville still fell short over the two kings’ cunning and treachery. I think Cesaro and Neville should’ve won so this mini-rivalry can become a little bit interesting. I’m sure they’ll stretch this one out, so we should watch out. Did you see who was at ringside? What exactly was the Stardust Section supposed to be? Cody Stardust and his band of Wasteland Cosmics were just there. It was so random and funny. Cody should sit through all the matches in WWE.

    Too Much Push for a Kick-Off Show?

    The second squash match of the night saw the Primetime Players fall to two-thirds of the Duck Dynas…I mean, Wyatt Family: Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. The Wyatts did quick work on the players, Strowman literally hugged Darren Young to submission. Man, they really are hyping this Strowman guy, huh? I know they’re just trying to sell the PPV, but I don’t know. I guess kick-off shows will become a huge deal now since Randy goddamn Orton is on the fucking marquee, with Dean Ambrose for extra sizzle. I see no problem making big names do kick-off duty, especially if they can deliver. It adds some gravitas to the start of the show. So dance like you’re in the main event, you viper, you.

    I guess he’s a big Bayley fan.

    Ryback-Owens and The Divas

    I can’t believe this Ryback-Owens saga is still dragging on. This week saw Owens face Zack Ryder for the night’s third squash match. Nothing special happened in this segment, really. I guess they’ll do something big on the go-home show. I’m just glad Ryder got some mainstream spotlight. We tend to forget he can deliver a stiff boot. This physical feud should be ending on Hell in a Cell, with Owens retaining the title. It’s time we feed Owens to someone else. Maybe in his next series, Owens will be the one pushing people around.

    Remember the Broski Boot? I miss it.
    As for the Divas, I will always rant about this as long as they exist: abolish the teams. Develop each Diva’s characters since you have a pool of Divas just waiting to be polished. After the historic Bayley-Banks main event, isn’t it time for a weekly women’s wrestling show? No? Okay then. I know that’s a long shot, but I can still dream. Paige and Nattie are currently in the spotlight. Aren’t we building a Divas Championship match here?

    This spot, though.
    SMACKDOWN RUNDOWN: Coming from last week’s Replaymania, this week’s episode of SmackDown is a sign that the show is still breathing and is ready to go back in track to the journey of restoring its former glory as the fun-loving B-show. Sure, there were vignettes and previews here and there to fill time, but I understand, they have to sell a PPV. Hopefully next week, they will deliver a solid go-home show. Are you guys ready for Hell in a Cell? SmackDown will prep you up next week. Believe that. I’d give this show a solid B rating.

    Express Thoughts:
    • ‘Summer Ref’. It’s like a homerun for Lawler.
    • Kevin Owens’ senton is scary as hell. Trust me, that wasn’t even a fat joke.
    • Yes Renee, they have chemistry. Boooom!
    • Cesaro’s uppercut vs Barrett’s Bull Hammer.

    Did you enjoy this week’s SmackDown? Aren’t you glad Dean Ambrose is back? Let me know down the comments below. I’ll see you next week for another hour of SmackDown scrutiny. Peace!

    Photos from WWE.

    Ricky Jay Publico is a wrestling fan who enjoys watching high flyers and brawlers battle it out in the ring. A knownBotchamania binge-watcher, he claims to have memorized the chronological order of Royal Rumble winners, but fails to remember who won in 2004. He writes stories about life and nonsense.
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