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    Friday, October 30, 2015

    #FinisherFriday (10/30/15): Alberto Del Trio!

    Hola, Henrinitos!

    A creepy hallow's eve to you as we are back with everyone's favorite commentary on scream-worthy moves and holds and Smark Henry's favorite tiyanak, #FinisherFriday!

    Hell was definitely walking the Earth this week, at least in the wrestling world—and surprisingly, we are talking about Raw, in a good way—with the Hell in a Cell aftermath! This was a great PPV fallout week like no other with progressing storylines about demon abductions, Euro-trash invasions, and backstabbing anti-divas. But there is none more important than the return of Mexico's greatest export, Alberto Del Rio!

    This is my destin-ahhhh! 

    Exploding back into the WWE in a spotlight by winning the John Cena United States Title Open Challenge in Hell in a Cell, Del Rio has rejuvenated an unimpressed audience to tune back in to WWE programming. Despite his apparent heel persona and allegiance with Zeb Colter, we here at the Smark Henry boiler rooms see great possibilities with the return of El Patron, giving depth and excitement back to the roster.

    Well.. at least for now.
    But along with his return, he has shown a variety of finishers in each match since his return, effectively making his finisher set number to three! And as tribute, this #FinisherFriday is dedicated to the Del Trio of Alberto! 


    Top Rope Double Stomp

    With the return of ADR, we have seen a more brutal wrestler in the ring. But if you were paying close attention in his last days with the 'E, he already has been showcasing this mean streak. Especially with this killer top rope double stomp..

    While Finn Balor's Coup de Grace is a thing of beatuy, Del Rio's modified version is a really nasty way to go. After locking you in the tree of woe, ADR perches on the top rope, leaps, and smashes your chest in while you hang in mid air. Talk about breathtaking. Whew.

    Here's Del Rio showing Neville first hand how its done.

    Avada Kedavra - Mexican Style!

    Contrary to popular belief, Del Rio has been using this signature move of his to end matches, more notably his World Heavyweight Championship victory over Dolph Ziggler back in Payback 2013

    Let's see you no-sell this kick
    Fast forward to 2015, this same move won him the United States Championship. With that kind of stretch and lift, plus your opponent taking it on his knees, you can imagine the strength of that concussion-inducing kick! 

    And with a little help from some fan footage, here's a preview of ADR kicking John Cena's face in.

    Cross Armbreaker

    Need we discuss more?

    Ronda would be proud!

    Alberto Del Rio is back and definitely better than ever. With Zeb Colter in tow, US title in hand, and no Cena in sight(for now), we can only imagine what WWE has in store for us with their Mexican star back in the fold. Despite his two new finishers, we're sure that he'll soon be bringing back his trademark finisher on big matches. And that, fellow Henrinites, is destiny.


    Crossfaces, Pop Up Powerbombs, certain people you'd want to Pedigree? Let us know who and what you'd like us to feature and how you think of #FinisherFriday in the comments box below! 

    Happy Halloween!


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